The 10 to 12 Month Development Check

April 7, 2017

Yesterday we took Little M for her 10-12 month development check with the health visitor. Fortunately hubby is on his Easter holidays so we could take her together. We received the appointment letter in this post around ten days ago, along with a little booklet of observations to complete in advance of the meeting. For the past few days, we’ve been paying extra close attention to how Little M moves, chatters and responds to things in order to complete it.

We weren’t concerned that Little M couldn’t do all of the things in the booklet as she only turned ten months less than two weeks ago. She’s crawling well, is an inquisitive little thing and loves playing independently and with other people. She chatters away to us using a range of sounds and is able to say, “Mama!” when she wants something!

The 10-12 month check

So, we arrived at the doctor’s surgery fairly relaxed about what the health visitor was going to say. Except we ended up leaving more worried than when we got there! The health visitor didn’t ask any questions at all about how Little M gets around (if at all) before saying, “well I’m not too worried that she’s not walking yet, but I’ll give you a call at 12 months just to make sure, okay?”

Sorry, what?

We weren’t concerned at all that she’s not walking yet! She is crawling well and frequently sits up on her knees to have a nose at what’s on the coffee table/look in her toy box/rattle the safety gate like a caged animal… She’s even starting to try to pull herself up to standing, and can stand while holding onto my fingers. We didn’t think it was at all unusual that she’s not quite walking yet.

From speaking to other parents, it isn’t! So we were further surprised when the health visitor went on to say, “…and if she’s not walking by 18 months then we’ll refer her to the hospital, but she’s got some time.”

Huh? Why even say that?! Surely that’s a conversation for if she’s not walking at 12 months, or if we had some concern because she wasn’t already sitting/crawling/trying to stand? I just thought it was a really strange conversation to have, when we hadn’t raised any concerns whatsoever. And now of course it’s playing on my mind. I keep having to bat it out of my thoughts like a bluebottle.

Anyway, other than that, we had Little M weighed and measured. She’s tracking the curve between the 9th and 25th percentile for her weight, and on the 9th percentile for her length and head circumference. At least as she’s only 66cm we’ll get a good bit more use out of our car seat! We also chatted a little bit about Little M’s eating and sleeping, but that was about it. Oh and she reminded us that the one year immunisations are coming up soon. Boo! Not looking forward to those!

4 responses to “The 10 to 12 Month Development Check”

  1. Health visitors are sent to annoy us I think. No need to worry about anything, both mine walked just after 12 months but I was prepared to wait a lot longer!

  2. Eurgh, why do they say these things?!?! Martha’s is next week so she’ll be less than 3 weeks from her 1st birthday, Toby’s was barely as he turned 10 months – that’s a huge amount of time at that age! Our HV said the same about Toby not walking or bending at the knees to pick something up when he was stood against the sofa etc so I reminded her that it’s ridiculous to measure a 10 month old by the same checklist as a 12 month old. Sounds like Little M is doing just fine!xx

  3. Mrs H says:

    What a ridiculous thing for the Health Visitor to say. All children develop at different rates and I don’t think you need to worry unless she really isn’t walking by 18 months. Also, a child can only develop in one area at a time. I really wouldn’t worry lovely. Little Miss H started walking independently at 15 months. Now at almost four she is exactly the same as all her friends who were walking before her. Hugs Lucy xxxx

    • Jules says:

      Thanks, Lucy. I know Little M is totally fine, I just found the whole experience quite odd! I’m sure she’ll walk in her own time xx

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