The 12 Week Immunisations

August 22, 2016

Little M had her 12 week immunisations today. She’s actually just turned 13 weeks but I rescheduled last week’s appointment as we had to travel down to Somerset last week for a friend’s wedding. After the all-day screamathon we experienced after the first set of immunisations Little M had at eight weeks, there was no way I’d risk putting her in a car for a long journey straight after her jabs!

So we went along this morning full of trepidation – last time poor Little M’s left leg swelled right up and was bright red and incredibly painful-looking. Even after putting an ice pack on it, it took a long time to go down and I could still feel a little lump in her thigh weeks later. However, this was caused by the meningitis B vaccine, which is only administered at eight weeks and again at 16 weeks, so I was hopeful that Little M’s reaction wouldn’t be quite as bad.

When we went into the nurse’s room, she started by administering the liquid gel containing the rotavirus vaccine. Little M lapped it up, bless her! Then she gave a little squeal when the 5-in-1 booster injection was given, but calmed down straight away with a nice drink of milk. I cuddled her all the way on the walk home, then she fell asleep on me on the sofa for a couple of hours.

This afternoon she was totally fine (maybe a little more grumpy when feeding and a little more resistant to sleep) and I was able to pop into the city to buy a new laptop (hurrah!) and a few bits for her. She’s asleep on me again now as a write this, a position she’s been in for the past hour and a half. I’m not sure whether she’ll wake up to have her bath now (it’s 9pm) so we might try putting her down how she is.

I’m relieved that this round of immunisations doesn’t seem to have taken too much of a toll on Little M, but I’m already dreading the next lot in four weeks’ time and that dreaded meningitis B booster!

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