5 Painting Activities for Toddlers

May 24, 2019

My toddler LOVES painting, so I try to come up with different activities for her to enjoy, using paint. This post contains some paint techniques that you may not have considered before – why not give them a try?

1. Elmer Sponge Painting

This simple Elmer sponge painting activity is sure to please any mini Elmer fan! Simply print off the free printable blank Elmer, then set to work with the paint and sponges. Easy Peasy!

Elmer book and painting activity
Elmer Painting Activity

2. Sensory Hedgehog Painting

For this sensory painting activity, we mixed sand and soapy foam with paint to create a more interesting sensory experience than just using normal paint. We also used a fork and cotton wool in place of paintbrushes, to make things more exciting for the toddler.

3. Cave Baby Invitation to Paint

This activity was inspired by the book ‘Cave Baby’ by Julia Donaldson. I lined the tuff spot with paper, painted on some of the shapes mentioned in the book, then left the paint and brushes out as an invitation to the toddler to get stuck in!

4. Dinosaur Sponge Painting

This dinosaur sponge painting activity couldn’t be simpler; all you need is a large piece of paper (we lined our tuff spot), some paint and some dinosaur sponges. Then away you go! We made things more interesting by drawing around the sponges, then asking the toddler to match up the shapes with her printing.

5. Digger Track Painting

For this track painting activity we used digger trucks dipped in paint to make our tracks. My toddler loved dipping her trucks into the paint and looking to see how the tracks formed on the paper. Of course you could easily use toy cars if you don’t have any diggers to hand. You could even extend this activity by having a car wash, afterwards!

I hope this post has given you some fun ideas to try. If you give them a go, please let me know how you found them, in the comments!

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