5 Ways to Keep Your Preschool Children Cool – and Entertained – in the Heat

July 5, 2019

Hasn’t the sunshine been lovely? But with it comes a need to keep your children cool when the temperature ramps up. Of course, when you’re feeling like a hot, sweaty mess (please tell me it’s not just me?) it can be difficult to find the motivation to come up with fun activities for preschool children, which also keep them cool. So, here are five ideas from myself and fellow bloggers, of fun summer activities for preschoolers.

5 fun ideas for keeping your preschool children cool this summer.

1. Icy Tuff Spot

You can’t beat a bit of ice in the tuff spot! It does require a little bit of preparation, but the girls loved it when I froze their polar animal toys in ice and they had to help them escape. Great fun, and a bit of science learning, too!

2. Do Some Yoga

Jo does yoga with her little ones. She says it uses up some energy but in a relaxed and calm way that doesn’t make them feel hot! They say they feel cool afterwards as she throws open the windows and pulls the curtains to keep the room at a nice temperature.

3. Water Painting

A cup of water, a paint brush, and your kids can get water painting! Your children can paint the path, the walls, the fences; anywhere they like! It’ll dry quick as a flash in hot weather, and they can start all over again.

4. Sparkly Ice Cubes

Anna suggests popping some sequins in ice cube with water and freeze. Then tip them into a washing up bowl and let the children play with them whilst they melt! 

If you’re looking for a more eco-friendly idea, you could use flower petals instead, which would be just as pretty!

5. Mini Paddling Pools

Victoria says she has a couple of those large flexible tubs with handles that you can buy from B&Q or gardening stores quite cheaply. She fills them with water and the kids love to either get in them if it’s really hot, or they play with the water with some of their toys and bath toys. As they’re not too large they are easy to carry around the garden to shady spots.

I love this idea as it uses less water than filling a paddling pool, while creating the same effect for the children. You could also bring the water-filled tub inside overnight then take it out again for the next few days, using any remaining water to water the garden, making this idea even more sustainable.

So there you have it. Five ideas to keep your little ones cool in the heat this summer. If you like these ideas, then please don’t forget to Pin this post! If you have any lovely ideas that you use to keep your preschooler cool during the summer, then tell me all about them in the comments!

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