5 Tips For Your Blog’s Email Newsletters

November 1, 2018

*This is a collaborative post


If you run a blog, then it’s imperative that you’re sending out a regular newsletter. People might like your website, but they’re not going to be checking it every day. By sending out a newsletter, you’ll be giving them a gentle nudge that you still exist. Yet while newsletters are most definitely valuable, it’s important that you approach them with care, because if you don’t, you run the risk of doing more harm than good. To help you get it right, we’ve put together five handy tips, which you’ll find below.



Limit the Amount


Your website is in your top ten of most important things currently happening in your life. But to the people who visit your site, it’s not even in the top fifty. In fact, it’s not even on the list – it’s not that important! That’s not to say they don’t enjoy your website, or that they don’t want to learn about what’s going on – they do. However, their interest won’t extend to receiving one email per day. To have the most effect, look at limiting the amount. One well-crafted email per week is fine.


Be Professional


You don’t want to come across all corporate in your newsletter, but equally, you don’t want to make it look like you’ve just rattled off the newsletter while you’ve been lying in bed. There’s a way to come across as professional without overdoing it. For starters, you should be using the same tone as you use on your website. You’ll also want to include things like an unsubscribe button, and your contact information, including a postal address; if you don’t yet have one, work with a cheap virtual PO box company, and get one set up. If your emails are set up professionally, then there’ll be more likely to be opened – and taken seriously.


Avoid the Wall of Text


Let’s be real here, if you opened up an email and it was nothing but a dense wall of text, would you sit down and read the whole thing? Unless you knew that it contained next week’s winning lottery numbers, the answer would be a solid no. To make sure your emails get read, keep in mind how people read when you’re writing it. They’ll skim read it. So make sure you’re dividing all your paragraphs into easy to digest bite-size portions.


It’s Not All Sell, Sell, Sell


You’re putting yourself in someone else’s inbox. You wouldn’t knock at someone’s door and start talking about whatever you wanted, would you? You’d have a conversation. An email newsletter is the same. You shouldn’t just talk about yourself. Give the people something that improves their life. They need a reason to carry on opening up your weekly emails.


Gather Feedback


Finally, make sure you’re gathering feedback about what works and what doesn’t. One small piece of advice might not change all that much, but if you’re continually making small improvements based on feedback, then you’ll eventually end up with a robust email marketing structure.

**This is a collaborative post.

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