9 Halloween Activities for Toddlers

October 11, 2019

Since our pumpkin picking adventures earlier in the week, we’ve had Halloween on our minds! So, I thought I’d share some fantastic Halloween activities, suitable for toddlers. These are all ideas from other bloggers, so click on the photographs of the activities to visit their blogs and find out more!

1. Halloween Sensory Bin

We love sensory activities in our tuff spot; especially those which are easy to set up. This Halloween sensory bin from The Ladybirds’ Adventures ticks both of those boxes. You could use red split lentils instead of rice to make it extra orange and Halloween-y!

Halloween sensory bin with white rice, orange pumpkin sweetie pots, plastic creepy crawlies and orange tweezers.

2. 3-in-1 Homemade Halloween Game

I like this game designed by Lukeosaurus and Me, as it involves recycling old toilet roll tubes into a fun game for toddlers. It’s also pretty easy for a toddler to create themselves; all you need are some toilet rolls and some white and black paint.

Halloween game made out of toilet rolls painted white and black to look like ghosts.

3. Halloween Sensory Playdough Tray

My three year old loves to play with play dough, so I think she’d adore this Halloween sensory play dough tray created by Me and B Make Tea. You could even make your own Halloween play dough to use in the tray!

Halloween play dough sensory tuff tray with orange, green and purple play dough, shaped cookie cutters and plastic creepy crawlies.

4. Paper Plate Ghosts

Who doesn’t love a paper plate craft? These paper plate ghosts by The Gingerbread House are easy enough even for younger toddlers to make themselves.

A paper plate ghost with googly eyes and tissue paper body surrounded by craft equipment.

5. Halloween Sensory Bath

This Halloween sensory bath by Messy Blog UK looks like tons of fun! If you’ve got some Halloween toys around the house, then why not pop them in the bath? You could even add a bubble machine for even more sensory fun!

A collection of halloween props and glow sticks.

6. DIY Halloween Spoons

I love this DIY Halloween spoon craft by The Inspiration Edit – you could use them as story spoons, or even to put on a puppet show. Lots of fun to be had beyond the initial make!

Three wooden halloween spoons decorated as a monster, a cat and a pumpkin.

7. Halloween Sensory Tuff Spot

If your toddler is a fan of Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson, then they’ll love this Halloween sensory tuff spot, complete with cauldron and sensory scarf fire.

Room On The Broom Halloween Tuff Spot - A tuff tray filled with red split lentils, plastic creepy crawlies, a witch's cauldron and sensory scarves 'fire'.

8. Spooky Spider Plants Craft

If you’re a plant lover, then why not try this easy spider plant craft? It makes a lovely Halloween decoration with just a few materials, and you can enjoy watching your plant grow!

A spider plant sits in a black plant pot decorated with eight black pipe cleaner 'legs' and googly eyes.

9. Halloween Sensory Number Tuff Spot

If you’re looking to develop your child’s early number recognition and counting skills, then this Halloween sensory number tuff spot is the perfect activity. Just add a few wooden numbers to some red split lentils and toy creepy crawlies, and get ready to play and learn!

Halloween sensory number tuff spot - a wooden number three on a bed of red split lentils, surrounded by two plastic rats and a plastic spider.

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