7 Tips for Efficient and Effective Washing Up

October 5, 2018

If you follow me on Facebook, then you’ll have seen that our dishwasher broke down a few weeks ago. When I asked for replacement dishwasher recommendations, one lovely reader told me that it doesn’t take any longer to wash up than it does to load and empty the dishwasher. I figured I must be doing it wrong, so I’ve asked some lovely bloggers to give me their top tips for washing up quickly and easily. Read on to hear their secrets!


Top Tips for Washing Up


7 Tips For Perfectly Clean Dishes


Definitely start with glasses if you want them clean and sparkly! You can even add white vinegar to the water when doing glassware. Nadia – Scandi Mummy


Get a washing up liquid bottle with a pump- you can pump one handed and dispense just the right amount into the sink/bowl so less wastage than pouring/squeezing! Method do this sort of bottle. Lauren – Scrapbook Blog


Get your kids to do it! Seriously though, I strongly believe its really important to involve the kids in chores like this from an early age. So important to get them to load the dishwasher, or help with the washing or drying up. Really helps them to learn that making the house tick over is a team effort! Helen – Kiddy Charts


We have never had a dishwasher. The times I’ve used one on holiday or at my nans house, it’s seemed more hassle than it’s worth. We just keep on top of the washing up, so it never gets too bad. Use the same mug or cup throughout the day and just rinse out in between uses. Rachel –  Coffee, Cake, Kids

Get one of those washing up liquid holders that’s also attached to a sponge (Dishmatic). Makes washing up a breeze and you don’t even need to get your hands that wet! Hayley – Devon Mama



We’ve never had a dishwasher, and I actually find washing up gives me time to watch a YouTube video or something on Netflix 😂🙌🏻. I usually wash the few bits left on the side before making a meal, and then leave the water to wash up the bits I’ve used as I go. Means it doesn’t all pile up! Emily – Emily and Indiana


Whilst the pans and or dishes you’ve used are still hot fill with some hot water and a splash of washing up liquid. It stops food baking on and being a nightmare to remove! Sophie – Soph Obsessed


I’m still not entirely convinced that washing up is quicker and easier than using a dishwasher, but until we can get a replacement, I’ll definitely be trying out these top tips for washing up! Let me know in the comments if you have any other great washing up tips that I need to know about!



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