December 21, 2015

So I’ve been blogging and saving to drafts until I could reveal my pregnancy. I can’t believe the time has finally come! Lots of my friends have asked how I reacted when I took *the* test, so I guess we’ll start there!

Originally written on 27th September 2015

Well, holy cr@p, it’s actually happened. The stick thingy says I’m pregnant (and I chose one of the ones that actually says it in words so I didn’t have to try and figure out some kind of line/cross indication and be left in any doubt). 

There it is. In black and white. Pregnant.


 I’m writing this about two hours after I took the test. I have to apologise to my loyal readers at this point. I’m really sorry. Hubby and I have discussed it and because this blog hasn’t ended up being as anonymous as I first intended, we’ve decided not to let you all know in real time that we’ve had a ‘BFP’ (big fat positive for those of you who, like me, have no idea about forum abbreviations). 

So, as a compromise to hubby, I’m going to continue writing the totally-gives-it-away posts in real time as a diary, but save them as drafts to be released when the time is right. Not what I originally planned, but I respect his wishes and know that it is the ‘sensible, normal’ thing to do. I’ve put those words into inverted commas because when it comes to sharing my personal thoughts, I am generally neither sensible nor normal, as my friends who have been at the other end of an overshare or TMI can testify. 

Anyway, the blog will get a whole lot busier when I can finally let the cat out of the bag! 

I also intend to write and publish if, heaven forbid, things don’t go to plan. I think it’s important to put that stuff out there, as much as I hope it doesn’t happen. 

In true ‘me’ style, I have been Googling and re-Googling this morning. Topics include:

1) Foods to avoid when pregnant (birthday lunch this afternoon)

2) Can you use a hot tub when pregnant? (Hubby booked us a gorgeous spa room for my birthday, for us to stay at in a few weeks. Guess I’ll be watching him enjoy the hot tub!)

3) When to contact your doctor after finding out you’re pregnant

4) How to calculate length of pregnancy (I am 3 weeks pregnant, due in June 2016; thanks NHS pregnancy calculator)

I then used my period/fertility tracker app to count on. By my calculations I’m 3 weeks and 5 days pregnant. 

Now I just need to keep my mouth shut for another 8 weeks and 2 days. 

What?!!!! Not sure I’ll manage that!

Edit: Oh for goodness’ sake! My app just crashed out and published this automatically halfway through writing!! Cue frantic phone fumbling to set back to drafts! Maybe keeping this quiet will be even harder than I thought…

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