Another year older…

September 26, 2016

It’s my birthday today. I’ve used that as an excuse for that fact that I haven’t blogged today. But what’s my excuse for the past week?! I’ve lost my blogging mojo recently and I think it’s because I’ve generally been feeling a bit down. I’ve had a couple of topics I’ve wanted to blog about but I’ve felt afraid to write as I think I’d just sound like a big whingebag. And no one wants to read about that!

I’m feeling a bit more positive this week, though, so perhaps I can still write about those things with a slightly less negative slant. Predictably, one of the things I want to write about is to do with expressing. It was really getting me down this time last week but on Friday Little M turned four months old, another milestone on the long, winding, pumping road to being fully weaned!

Little M on grey and white chevron blanket with four months old today milestone card

The other is to do with feeling isolated when on maternity leaving/being a stay at home parent. I think this needs a bit more thought before I write but in short, I didn’t leave the house for pretty much a whole week, and it was depressing. I needed a big kick up the bum, I know, as it was something of a vicious cycle. Anyway, I won’t run on about it now.

As I said, today was my birthday and Little M and I had a lovely day together. We met a friend for brunch in one of my favourite cafes, which does decent gluten free food (always a winner) before heading to the local primary school for a Bounce and Rhyme session. I do love a sing song and it was lovely to see Little M enjoying it more than the last time we went (she was about seven weeks old at the time and slept all the way through!). I’ve tried to remember some of the songs so we can do them at home, too.

Then I went to M&S and spent a small fortune on food for a lovely dinner tonight. My mum and dad came over and hubby came home earlier than usual with some lovely flowers, so I’m feeling thoroughly spoilt. I promise to try to pick up the blogging a little more this week!

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  1. Dont bear yourself up. Being at hone can be lonelt and youl have days or weeks where u may feel a bit down we all do its normal. I find planning my week ahead ensures we dont have to many days indoors. Also if blogging abt topics like isolation makea u feel better then go for it whats the worse that can happen people may not read.
    Chin up your doing fab esp with the pumping 🙂

    • Jules says:

      Thanks. You’re right; it’s my blog, I can write what I want! I’m sure there are others who are feeling the same way.

  2. Oh Jules, a week without blogging is NOTHING. I’ve hardly blogged at all since Pickle was born – slowly trying to ramp it up now. Do NOT be hard on yourself. All this pumping is bloody hard work and you’re doing such an AMAZING job. You deserve to be so proud of yourself and the wonderful thing you’re doing for your baby. I don’t think I’d have persevered with it. You are incredible.

    And you’re so right – being in the house all week will definitely have you feeling in a slump. It’s quite nice to have a lazy day here and there but I think I’d go stir crazy if I didn’t get out regularly. I know it’s more difficult now the weather is turning but even just a walk down to the shops or something will do the world of good.

    Sending lots of love – and feel free to drop me a message on Twitter or anything if you ever need someone to rant to! I’m here.

    • Jules says:

      Thank you, that’s really kind. I think it’s just about adjusting after hubby returning to work after the summer break. We’re starting a baby music class next week so I’m looking forward to that and I’ve been looking around for other regular things to do with M too. Hopefully being busier will get the blogging juices flowing, too! x

  3. Fee says:

    I’ve blogged twice this week but before that it was about 6 weeks ago! I’m just not always in the mood.

    I always get down when I spend too much time at home – not helped by the fact that I work from home . I find myself forcing myself just to go out for a walk, it really does help.xx

    Hope you had a fab birthday!

  4. the first year I found so lonely and isolating and you feel guilty because your supposed to be so happy, and you are, but your lonely and I could find I would not go out or see anyone for a whole week or even longer. Now Fred is walking talking the lonliness has pretty much gone, to be honest I would like to relive those days and relish having time alone just inside, now I have to go out everyday to keep him entertained. You are a hero for expressing for 4 months, honestly amazing, I did it for 6 weeks and it was so so hard. And a big happy birthday too! Xx

    • Jules says:

      Thank you! I don’t think I feel especially lonely as I’ve always felt quite comfortable in my own company; I think it’s more the monotony of the days, which pumping adds to. I really don’t see myself as a hero though! xx

  5. Happy birthday! Losing your blogging mojo – the worst thing that can happen to any blogger, but it does happen to the best of us, and several times unfortunately (at least in my experience!). Your blog is your blog so write about what you want to write about and feel you need to write about. People that enjoy reading your posts will read them regardless of what you write about, I know I will 🙂 Emily x

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