Pondering Playtime // Memory Bottles Aquabeads Tuff Spot

June 22, 2018

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Welcome back to Pondering Playtime, my fortnightly series where I share a favourite picture book and a craft or play activity to go with it. This week, I’ve chosen and I’m sharing a fun Aquabeads tuff spot activity to go with it.

Memory Bottles Aquabeads Tuff Spot

Memory Bottles – What’s the Story?

Memory Bottles is the story of a man who collects all of his memories in bottles, which he stores in his shed. I love this book as it is full of beautiful illustrations, and plenty of mathematics opportunities. Why not guess, estimate and count how many memory bottles are on the shelves?

Unfortunately, this book seems to be out of print so is selling for a fortune on Amazon. I managed to pick up my bargain-priced copy second hand on eBay.

Memory Bottles by Beth Shoshan

Memory Bottles – Aquabeads Tuff Spot Activity

For this activity, I simply set up some Aquabeads in a large tub, then placed it in the tuff tray. This helped to catch any escapee beads! It’s worth remembering that Aquabeads take around 24 hours to ‘grow’, so this activity does need preparing in advance. Once the Aquabeads were ready, though, I simply added some spoons and some interestingly shaped and coloured bottles and let M explore!

Aquabeads EYFS sensory tuff spot

You will need:

Aquabeads tuff tray

Memory Bottles – What M thought

I think Memory Bottles is possibly a book that M will enjoy more as she gets older. She liked looking at the pictures, but this isn’t a book she’s returned to again and again. Having said that, I think the message of the story is probably a bit lost on her at 22 months. However, M absolutely loved the Aquabeads. I think these will definitely be a tuff spot staple for us! She asked to play with the container as soon as I put the water in with the teeny tiny beads, and has been so patient waiting for them to puff up so that she can play with them!

M loved squeezing the Aquabeads between her fingers, stirring and scooping them with the spoons and filling the bottles before pouring them out. We talked about the colours and textures of the beads, and counted them as M put them into the bottles. In fact, M enjoyed touching the Aquabeads so much that she climbed in to see what they felt like on her feet!

Aquabeads sensory activity

Pouring Aquabeads

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An easy EYFS Aquabeads sensory tuff spot activity linked to the book Memory Bottles by Beth Shoshan.

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