Dear B, Now You Are Three

March 15, 2021

Dear B,

Happy birthday! I can’t believe we are here again already. Last year, your second birthday was almost the last bit of ‘normality’ before this strangest of years started. You’ve had such a disrupted year with this pandemic, but you’ve done so well.

You started preschool last September, which in hindsight probably wasn’t the best decision on our part, as you haven’t been since before Christmas, due to lockdown. But you’ve taken it all in your stride and completely embraced your big sister’s home learning – I think M’s teacher has now accepted you as an honorary member of her class as you appeared at (and joined in with!) every single Zoom lesson that she had! Your enthusiasm for ‘Mummy School’ means that you have started to write letters, can recognise lots of your letters and sounds and you can count to fifteen already. You also love to draw. When you write kisses, you blow a kiss for each one, which always makes us smile.

You’ve grown up so much this past year. You finally stopped breastfeeding just before Christmas, at the grand old age of 33 months. Lots of people told me that the last feed wouldn’t be the last; that you would ask for more the next day or the day after, but you never did. I think it helped that you and your big sister decided that we wanted to share a bedroom and you moved out of your cot and into a toddler bed at the same time. “I’ve got a big girl bed now and big girls don’t have booby,” you told me.

We’ve just moved house and you took all of that in your stride, too. You keep telling me that you love our new house, and I’m so pleased that you do. You have clear ideas about how you want your bedroom decorated, although these sometimes change as you come up with new ideas out of the blue (I think we’ll be giving the orange and green walls a miss; sorry!).

You still love to play games but you’re missing M now that she’s back at school. You effortlessly rope me into games of colour-based ‘I spy’ over lunchtime though, and you love a puzzle, if you can have a little bit of help from Mummy, even though you don’t really need it. You make us laugh by frequently insisting that you’re ‘being Anna’, and relentlessly refer to Daddy as ‘Kristoff’, even when he’s at work!

B, you always surprise us with how astute you are for an almost-three year old; we often joke that you must have mastered certain skills of had particular experiences in a past life. You seem to be very intuitive and can make inferences about how people might be thinking or feeling, based on their actions. You are very caring and still love a cuddle at every opportunity. I hope that doesn’t change anytime soon!

You also love to help in any way that you can. Whether it’s baking, building flat pack furniture of just looking for something that someone needs or has lost. We know that we can count on you for help! You are loving your new bedroom and enjoying organising your cupboards. Not necessarily with things that ought to be in the cupboards, but still!

Like any toddler, you do still have your moments, and we are starting to see a glimpse of what those three-year-old tantrums might be like. You feel a great sense of injustice if you don’t get the colour plate you want, or to go first at something, or if someone else has something that you want. Unfortunately M takes great pleasure in winding you up, which doesn’t help! But you are learning to stand your ground with her and often reciprocate. You also have plenty of moments where you play together beautifully, and I am so grateful that you have had each other over this past year, and I know that you are too, even if you don’t quite realise it.

Hopefully, next year’s birthday will be more normal, and will be filled with friends and family all having a lovely time together. This year, we’ll spend it just us four, which I’m sure will be a different kind of special, but very special none the less.

Thank you for being you, B, and filling our days with such laughter and affection. We love you lots.

All my love,

Mummy xx

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