Baby and Toddler Christmas Gift Guide

November 28, 2018

We’ve been so fortunate to try out some lovely toys and other baby and toddler products this year, so I thought I’d pop them all together here in a quick one-stop-shop for anyone doing their Christmas shopping.

Gifts for Babies

Jiggle Laa Laa Soft Toy


Tellytubby Soft Toy Review



Both of my girls love this * toy, which suggests to me that it would make a well-loved, long lasting toy for a baby. The loop at the top makes it easy to attach to prams, bouncy chairs and car headrests, among other things, and it combines a teether, rattle and jiggler all in one. It’s my current go-to toy if one of the girls needs to be amused for ten minutes! You can read my full review of the Jiggle Laa Laa soft toy, here.



Little Tikes Fantastic Firsts Sleepy Stacker

Little Tikes Fantastic Firsts Sleepy Stacker Review - B lies in a crawling position behind the three toys, coloured orange, green and blue.



The cute little woodland creatures that make up the * provide lots of fun for little ones. They’re nice and colourful, and easy to hold, which makes them appealing to little hands. M loves stacking them back up for her little sister, who enjoys knocking them down and rattling the different pieces. You can stack them any way you like as the feet, bellies and heads are all separate pieces. How many different creatures can you create?! You can read my full review of the Sleepy Stacker, here.


Cuddledry Hands Free Towel


Cuddledry Handsfree Towel Review



If you’re feeling at a bit of a loss as to what to buy for a newborn baby, then I highly recommend the *. It makes bath time so much less stressful, when you’re already worrying about how to handle a slippery newborn! We still use B’s at every bath time, and even M’s makes an appearance for her, every now and again (although we have added to her towel collection with others from the Cuddledry toddler range!). There will definitely be another Cuddledry towel under our Christmas tree this year. You can read my full review of the Cuddledry Hands Free towel, here.

Gifts for Toddlers



BRIO Classic Railway Figure 8 Set Review, BRIO Review, BRIO Railway, BRIO train set



BRIO, BRIO and more BRIO! We’ve reviewed a few bits of BRIO over the past year or so, and loved it all, but my favourite set for straight-out-the-box fun is the *. It comes with track, a train and a station and trees, which I think makes it really good value and a great starter set to build on. M loves positioning the trees and station around the track I’ve set up for her, and lines up the little people to wait for a train. We’ve since added to our BRIO collection, and we’re planning to buy more this Christmas, too. You can read my full review of the BRIO Classic Railway Figure 8 Set here.


Buster #1 Balance Bike


Buster Bikes Buster #1 Balance Bike Review


We’ve recently been sent this balance bike and I had to include it, as I think it’s a great quality bike and would make a very special present for a lucky small person! It’s the new Buster #1 Balance Bike, and retails for £89. You can find my complete review of the Buster #1 balance bike, here.

Mocc Ons

Mocc Ons


When we were sent these *, I thought they were cute, but I completely underestimated just how much use M would get out of them! She doesn’t see them as slippers, though, but more as part of her dressing up collection (or actually, more likely, as an actual pair of ballet shoes!) and rushes to get them on whenever the opportunity for a bit of ballet occurs. They’d make a brilliant stocking filler and are available in other designs, too. You can read my full review of our Mocc Ons, here.



Little Tikes Builder Bot


Little Tikes Builder Bot Review



The * is a great little toy that would keep any budding engineer busy on Christmas Day. It can be built in lots of different configurations, and even comes with little experiment cards to prompt some fabulous scientific play. You can read my full review of the Builder Bot robot, here.



Baby and Toddler Christmas Gift Guide


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Disclosure: We were sent these toys in order to provide the reviews linked to in this post. However, all of my opinions are my own. I wasn’t asked to share them in this guide, but we enjoyed them so I thought it might prove useful to anyone looking for Christmas ideas.

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