When your baby won’t sleep…

March 10, 2017

My god, I’m broken. Truly broken. This week I have had a stinking cold and Little M hasn’t slept through for what feels like weeks.

That might be a slight exaggeration, I think she did 11-5 one night last week and 10-6 the next, and we thought she was (kind of) fixed after a bout of teething, but boy, were we wrong. It’s just a bloody nightmare.

I could forgive her taking hours to go down in her cot before because, generally, even if it was 11pm before she went to sleep, she’d stay asleep in her cot until around 7:30/8am. So no, we never had an evening together and I never felt like I was getting any blogging done, but at least we were getting a solid 8 hours, and felt human.

Then the baby appeared to malfunction.

I don’t know how. Maybe she needs to drop a nap and we’re (especially hubby) still insisting that she needs a nap in the afternoon. We’ve (particularly hubby – notice a pattern here?) got into the habit of taking her for a walk in the afternoon to get her to sleep. At the weekend hubby will insist on going to his parents and spending an hour walking her home (at 4pm! Danger nap anyone?!) so she sleeps.

Added to that, Little M will only nap in one of three places:

1) in the pushchair
2) in the car
3) on me.

Between the increase in diesel costs and the lack of ranting blog time, it’s starting to wear a bit thin. You’d think point 1 would result in a svelte figure at least, but unfortunately this is matched by biscuit and chocolate eating when point 3 occurs so they seem to have balanced each other out.

baby sleep problems

Added to this ridiculous napping situation, Little M is frequently waking between three and four a.m.  I’m sure I’ve said before how I believe any time starting with a three to be particularly crippling, so we’re not faring well. It’s not that she won’t go back to sleep; she will. She just needs to have mummy or daddy cuddling her while she does it. Then as soon as either of us try to put her down in her cot, she wakes.

Sometimes she really sticks the knife in and waits until I’ve removed my slippers and have lifted a foot to climb back into bed before she starts screaming. You can imagine I particularly enjoy those moments.

The other night the cycle went on for three hours. Three hours! Eventually at 6am I gave in and brought her into bed with me as hubby had cleared out to get ready for work. She slept until 8. I had tried bringing her into my bed at 4 but she was having none of it. Apparently I have to be sitting up in the chair with her spread-eagled across me for her to be satisfied. This can’t go on. It just can’t.

I’ve always been one of those parents who believes in a baby-led routine. Feed her when she wants, let her sleep when she wants and it will all be hunky dory. Well yes, that was great when she was actually sleeping through the night. I could be all smug then. Not so much now.

I hate the very words, ‘sleep training’, but something needs to be done before hubby and I have nervous breakdowns. Three weeks of sleep deprivation are already seeing us sniping at each other and competing over who’s most tired and who’s had the hardest day.

It’s got to change, I’m just not sure how to change it…

Baby sleep problems 9 months

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