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August 23, 2017

We’re off on our holidays this week, but as we didn’t fancy travelling with a baby abroad this year (mainly due to the inflated costs during the school holidays), we decided to have a staycation. So we’re off to spend a week in a little village near Rye on the West Sussex coast, and I cannot wait!

The upside to having a staycation is that I can fill the car to the brim with stuff and not have to worry about luggage allowance or whether something needs to go in the cabin or the hold. Having said that, I’m sure that I’m bound to forget some essential items, so I’ve made a list (with the help of some of my fellow bloggers) of staycation essentials that I simply must not leave behind!

My Top 10 Staycation Essentials

Travel Cot

Check with where you’re staying, as they may well provide a travel cot. But if they don’t, or you don’t fancy using someone else’s, then the Space Cot is a great option. It’s compact, comes with its own travel bag and can be erected in one second, and collapsed in three. Perfect!Space cot, travel essentials, staycation essentials

Baby First Aid/Medicine Kit

Pack yourself a little specialist kit for your child including nappy rash/barrier cream, Calpol, teething essentials and a thermometer. We’re also planning to pack our Gro Egg as Little M is used to having it as a night light in her room, and we rely on it to work out what we’re supposed to be dressing her in for bed (I know, still!).

Travel Blackout Blind

This isn’t something we’ll need as Little M is used to sleeping in a room with the poorest blind as far as blocking out the light goes (it’s a cheap one from Dunelm and even claims to be a blackout blind – the trouble is our windows are such that it can only be fitted with a gap around the edges!), but for some children, a blackout blind is an absolute travel must to help them to sleep in an unfamiliar environment.


Even if you’re provided with a travel cot, it’s a good idea to take your child’s own bedding with you. That way, wherever you are, they’ll feel comforted by a little slice of home and normality.

staycation essentials, travelling with a baby,

Raincoat/Waterproof Trousers

Let’s face it, if we’re having a staycation, we’d better be ready for the British weather! We’ll definitely be making sure that we pack some umbrellas for us and the rainwear for the pram, too.

Beach Tent

As it’s summer in the U.K, it could just as easily be sweltering hot as pouring with rain, so it’s worth having a beach tent in the car to protect from the sun’s dangerous rays.

Baby Carrier

We’ve never really done baby wearing with Little M (I tried it when she was tiny; she cried, I worried I had her in the wrong position, that was that!) but if your little one is happy to be worn, then taking a carrier can free up lots of space in the car and save negotiating walks or stairs with a pushchair.

Giant Muslin

I flipping love a muslin; especially a giant one. They have a myriad of uses, from impromptu picnic blanket, changing mat, towel, sun shade (making sure that you’re providing adequate ventilation if you’re using it on a pram) to emergency clothing if there’s one vom too many. I’ll be taking our new Lamb and Bear muslin with me this holiday.

giant muslin

Plastic Tableware

Plastic bowls, plates and cups will save you the awkward explanation to the holiday cottage owner on how their crockery came to be broken, and will provide that extra level of familiarity at meal times for your little one, too.

Home Comforts

Remember to pack some home comforts like that special teddy or blanket, as well as a Gro Clock or night light, if your child has one. Little things can help them to feel more at home and therefore, importantly, allow them to sleep! Don’t forget to pack a few favourite toys, too, especially if you think it might rain. Being stuck indoors is no fun when there’s nothing to do! It might also be worth taking a pack of playing cards for the grown ups, too!

Happy Holidays!

Now all that’s left to do is to cram it all into the car and have a fabulous time away as a family! Enjoy!

Thank you to Twinderelmo, Anklebiters Adventures, Maidenhead Mum, The Strawberry Fountain, One Small Human, Lamb and Bear, Five Little Doves, Emma ReedHave Kids Will Travel UK and Emily and Indiana, without whom this post would not be possible. 

Disclosure: I have been sent the Space Cot in exchange for an honest review; however all opinions are my own.

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  1. Fab post! I hope you’re having a lovely time 🙂 xx

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