Baby’s First Cold

September 15, 2016

Baby’s First Cold – there doesn’t seem to be a milestone card for that! Possibly because we want to forget that it ever happened? We all know how rubbish it is to have a cold as an adult, but goodness me, I never realised I could actually feel worse about another human being having one! I’m quite intolerant of the hub’s man flu histrionics when he has a cold.

It’s a whole different ball game when your baby has a cold, though.

Poor Little M. I think this is the most helpless I have felt since becoming a parent (maybe second only to when she lost weight and I couldn’t get her to latch in the week from hell). The poor thing has been so snuffly and struggling to settle. I’ve tried using a nasal aspirator (sounds amazing in theory; appears to be completely useless in practice) and saline spray but neither seem to have solved the problem.

I knew this was coming as Little M was snuffly last night and started sneezing constantly today, so I took a little trip to Boots for the nasal aspirator in a bid to nip it in the bud before it fully set in (I may have also made a slight detour to Next and spent a small fortune on baby clothes…whoops!). It’s a shame it wasn’t more successful. Maybe I’m doing it wrong.

I’m blaming the hot weather though, obviously. Our Gro-egg has been red for days and it’s just so sticky cuddling Little M to get her settled. The bedroom feels so stuffy, despite having a fan going and all of the windows open. The weather forecast promises that this hot spell is going to break tomorrow, and I can’t wait! It’s so much more stressful when it’s hot.

Hopefully Little M will have a better night tomorrow.

For now, does anyone have any top tips for how to alleviate congestion in a newborn? Any and all advice welcome!

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  1. The best thing for a cough or cold is steam. Steam up the bathrom and sit in with her for 20 minutes. Also the saline spray is good for getting the boogers out. I could never get on with the snot sucker. Hope shes feeling better soon.

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