A day out in Norwich with the BabyStyle Hybrid City Stroller

February 26, 2017

After enjoying putting the BabyStyle Hybrid Edge Stroller through its paces for a few weeks, I thought I’d switch to the City wheels and try out the BabyStyle Hybrid City Stroller. It sounds like a whole new stroller, doesn’t it? But it isn’t. For an additional £40 you can purchase the city axle, which makes for a smaller, more compact stroller.

It’s really easy to change the axels over, too. Here’s a quick video I made to demonstrate:

As I’ve used the Hybrid Stroller more frequently and for different purposes, I’ve got quicker and quicker at switching the wheels. It really is a doddle. And actually, the more I’ve used this pushchair, the more I’ve grown to like it. It’s a great, lightweight, compact option, which makes the Hybrid City Stroller ideal for city dwellers.

Anyway, hubby and I thought we’d venture into Norwich for the day to do a bit of shopping, have some lunch and a nice walk. We love living in Norwich. If you haven’t been, you really must. It has a great selection of shops, eateries and interesting buildings.

BabyStyle Hybrid City Stroller in front of Norwich Cathedral, BabyStyle Hybrid Pushchair, Hybrid City pram, BabyStyle City pram,

I was concerned that the small wheels would make a big difference to the manoeuvrability of the Hybrid Stroller, but to be honest they didn’t at all. The only difference I noticed was that the pushchair was a little more difficult to push up a hill outside the Forum, once we’d filled it with shopping. And I mean filled it! I was actually quite surprised how much the basket would hold, as it looks small but is surprisingly capacious. On the whole though, this pushchair provides a lovely smooth ride and is light to push.


While we were in Norwich we popped to Ask Italian for a spot of lunch – I love their gluten free menu as it gives me lots of choice and I don’t feel like I’m missing out. They asked us to leave the pushchair by the door and I think even they were impressed by how compact the Hybrid City Stroller was, especially once I’d lowered the handle into the lowest position.

This is something I think BabyStyle have really considered in the design of this pushchair – I don’t think many adults would find the stroller comfortable to push with the handle at it’s lowest height, but it makes it so compact if you need to squeeze it into a small space, or fit it into the boot of a small car when folded. It’s definitely the stroller we’d choose to take on holiday as it would leave room for suitcases in the boot of our Kuga, something we’ve struggled with previously.

Little M in Ask Italian

This isn’t the only feature BabyStyle have thought of though – the Hybrid Stroller has lots of great design features. I particularly like the little hooks on the handle for your bag strap, to stop it sliding down, and the little toggles on the footmuff keep it from sliding down the seat. Not to mention the cute styling details that make it one stylish-looking pushchair.

BabyStyle Hybrid City Stroller design features, hybrid pushchair

On top of all that, the narrow wheelbase makes the BabyStyle Hybrid City Stroller perfect for manoeuvring around shops; no more crashing into shop fittings (something I’m particularly skilled at with our other pushchair!), making for a completely stress-free shopping experience. Providing the baby is asleep, of course…

You can find the Hybrid Stroller on Facebook and Instagram.

BabyStyle Hybrid City Stroller Review

Disclosure: I was provided with the BabyStyle Hybrid City Stroller in order to give an honest review. All opinions are my own. 

12 responses to “A day out in Norwich with the BabyStyle Hybrid City Stroller”

  1. I like that it has a narrow wheel base – a HUGE plus for me. I was forever avoiding clothes shops when it was just me and my pushchair as there was just never enough room.

  2. Sounds like the City version worked well for you, and Norwich is somewhere I really need to visit – it’s been about 9 years!xx

    • Jules says:

      It really did – it’s so great to have the option of a different axle. And yes you do need to visit; I know all the best cake places! xx

  3. This sounds ideal as a town / city pushchair – anything that can become that compact has to be a winner! I remember a few times when shopping finding that I couldn’t manoeuvre between the clothes racks with my big pushchair! I love all the little touches like the handbag hooks too, it really shows that they’ve tested it out with real parents!

  4. Any pushchair that is light and compact is perfect in my book. The things I look out for is can I get it around shops easily and can the basket carry all my shopping. Sounds like it ticks both boxes. The handbag hooks are a great addition, so many pushchairs don’t come with these and it’s what we all need x

  5. Jenny says:

    Very swish. I have the city tour baby jogger, this one has a bigger basket underneath though. He looks cosy in it and it’s very stylish. A good all rounder I’d say. Looks like you had a great day out together. Enjoy it!

  6. This is such a good idea! I remember when we first had Monkey I actually had two buggies a small one for the town and an off roader. I was always panicked first time round about going shopping alone and getting stuck in a shop. Its get that its so simple to swap over too. We have never walked around Norwich I will have to add it to our bucket list.

    • Jules says:

      I know, such a clever idea to be able to just switch axles! And it doesn’t cost the earth to have both, either.

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