Blogfest! And a solo parenting hubby…

November 11, 2016

Tomorrow I’m off to Blogfest. I’m really excited about this, primarily because I didn’t know I’d be going until a couple of days ago! The lovely Mary of The Hearty Life kindly offered me a spare ticket that she’d won. How nice is that?! I’m so grateful to her as I’d discussed going with hubby a few weeks ago, but we’d decided it just wasn’t something we could afford this close to Christmas.

Another reason for my excitement is that it’s the first proper bit of blogger CPD I’ll have had! Up to now I’ve been relying on the kindness and knowledge of my lovely blogger friends, who don’t seem to mind me asking questions all the time, and  reading as many how-to blog posts as I can! Both of these things have been amazing, but I’m really excited to experience something that will hopefully get the creative juices flowing. I often feel that the things I’m thinking about, aren’t necessarily things people want to read about.

As Blogfest is happening on a Saturday, hubby is going to have Little M for the day. This means that I can get myself down to London without a baby in tow. I imagine this will feel very strange. I even found myself planning her Blogfest outfit yesterday, before I remembered she wouldn’t be there! This did make me feel a little sad, I must admit. I love spending my days with Little M. But it will be better for her to be at home with daddy where she can have his full attention.

Hubby admitted to me last night that he’s feeling a bit nervous about having Little M on his own for the whole day. I know he’ll be fine – I have every confidence in him. He is generally a hands-on dad and, as she’s been taking a bottle since she was four days old, I know he’ll have no problems feeding LIttle M. I’ve had my spare milk on rotation in the fridge since I found out I was going to Blogfest, so he’ll have a full fridge of fresh milk, which should last the day. There’s even some spare in the freezer if push comes to shove! I think he’s just a bit daunted as he’s only had Little M by himself for a few hours before.

Travelling solo should make the whole expressing situation easier for me too. When we went to The Baby Show last month, I ended up leaning into the car feeding Little M in her car seat, while hooked up to the breast pump! That was a new experience for me! So travelling solo will at least take some of the stress out of pumping, although there’s always the time constraints. I’m planning to drive down to the outskirts of London, then get the tube in. I just need to make sure I’m there early enough to pump in the car before I get the tube. I don’t think I’m ready for expresing on the tube just yet!

Who else is going to Blogfest? Let me know and I’ll look out for you!


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  1. EssexKate says:

    I’ll. be there. My partner is looking after Little and she hasn’t been away from me for longer than a few hours before so she might make an appearance later in the day.
    At BML I mostly socialised so it was fine having my baby, but I really want to go to the blogfest sessions and Little will just want to chat

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