#Blogtober16 Day 14: The Meaning Behind My Blog Name

October 14, 2016

As I’ve mentioned before, I started blogging when we were trying to conceive. And as my blog tag line suggests, I am definitely an over-thinker! So I wanted a blog name to reflect both of those things.


I also hoped that we wouldn’t be trying to conceive forever, so I wanted something that would carry through into actually being a parent, about which I had no doubt I would continue to overthink!

Plus, I’m a primary school teacher, and who doesn’t like a bit of alliteration?! I wanted to have a blog name that would roll off the tongue and be memorable. Hence, Pondering Parenthood was born.

I’m not really sure what anyone else thinks of my blog name. The first time I had to pick up a blog-related package from the post office (very pregnant) the postman chuckled and asked, “are you still pondering?” I just smiled back and replied, “always!”

Which is true. Parenthood hasn’t cured me. I’m still overthinking something or other. Hopefully my little corner of the internet here can help me to manage that in a positive way. It’s been working pretty well so far!


3 responses to “#Blogtober16 Day 14: The Meaning Behind My Blog Name”

  1. Kim Carberry says:

    I think your blog name is great….

  2. Kat says:

    I think it’s a great name. I think as well even when you’re parenting older children you’re still pondering your parenting decisions! #Blogtober16

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