#Blogtober16 Day 16: Tattoos and Piercings

October 16, 2016

When I saw the prompt for today I thought, well, that’s going to be a short blog post. You see, I don’t have any tattoos at all and, at the moment, I don’t have any piercings either, other than the standard ears.

I had my ears pierced when I was 11 years old, having worn down my mother from saying that I could have them done at 21, then 18, then 16, and she finally relented when all of my friends are having their ears pierced too in the final year of primary school.

When I was seventeen, having worked for two years as a Saturday girl in a shop which sold body jewellery, I decided to have my navel pierced. I’ve no idea what the rules are now, but at the time you could get your belly button pierced at sixteen without parental permission.

Now, knowing my mother would go completely crazy if I came home unexpectedly with a piece of metal in my stomach, I decided to prewarn her:

“Mum, I’m getting my belly button pierced tomorrow.”

“No you’re not!”

“Yes, I am. And I’m not asking your permission as I don’t need it. I’m trying to be respectful by letting you know beforehand.”

My word, I was irritating, wasn’t I?! But I do regularly point out to my parents that there were far worse things I could have done as a teenager. Yes, I was a mouthy stubborn git but I never really did anything they could complain about.

Anyway, I went ahead and had it done the next day, only removing it last year when I fell pregnant with Little M. I’m fortunate that I don’t have any stretch marks from my pregnancy, but I’m no hurry to put my belly bar back in. It’s not quite the same when you’re 33, is it?

Have you got any tattoos or piercings? When did you get them and do they hold any significance to you?


8 responses to “#Blogtober16 Day 16: Tattoos and Piercings”

  1. Naomi says:

    I don’t blame you for not wanting to put the belly bar back in. I’m glad I didn’t go through with getting it done… it’s probably the one thing I’d regret! I do have 6 tats and 10 other piercings though…

    • Jules says:

      I don’t regret having it done at all, it’s just not quite as fashionable now as it was in 2001, is it? But I always said if I ever changed my mind, I could just take it out. That’s why I’ve never had a tattoo; the permanence. Fashions and feelings change over the years and I’d hate to be stuck with something I didn’t like anymore.

  2. Nikki says:

    I always wanted my belly button pierced when I was younger but I never lost enough weight to be able to get it done haha!! #BLogtober16

    • Jules says:

      Oh I was a skinny little thing at 17 and the piercer actually grazed my tummy above the piercing with the needle as apparently it was ‘too flat’! I wouldn’t have that problem these days…!

  3. I love your attitude, thats exactly how teenagers should be Lol. My son just came home with his piercing, below his bottom lip, he was expecting a fight as I had stopped my daughter having piercings for years (she is 5 years younger and wanted her nose pierced). I just smiled and said that’s nice. Well it was done, he was growing up #Blogtober16

    • Jules says:

      Haha, well done for not giving him the reaction he was expecting! My mum was just incredibly overprotective (I’m her only child) and he default response to everything was ‘no’! I’m determined to be more measured in my permissions to Little M!

  4. Amanda Walsh says:

    I had the same conversation with my Mum over my tongue piercing LOL #Blogtober16

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