Blueberry Picking in Norfolk

August 16, 2019

As it’s the summer holidays, we’ve been so busy enjoying days out as a family that I haven’t done as many play and learning activities with the girls at home. So, I thought I would share some of those lovely days out, just in case you’re looking for somewhere to visit with your children, this summer holiday. If you’re looking for fun play and learning activities to do at home, you can find my Pondering Playtime series here. In the meantime, here’s a little roundup of our blueberry picking fun at Fairgreen Farms near King’s Lynn, Norfolk.

B, our one year old daughter, holding a punnet with a few blueberries in the bottom.
M, our three year old daughter, picks blueberries from a bush, with her back to the camera.
M and B pick blueberries from a bush, facing away from the camera.

Fairgreen Farms is around 50 minutes’ drive from Norwich, just outside King’s Lynn. It is signposted from the A47 and easy to find. Having said that, until today, I hadn’t known it was there, but I think we’ve discovered a real gem, and will definitely visit again next blueberry season!

The pick your own blueberry bushes are arranged in long rows and are absolutely overflowing with fruit. The grass between the rows is long, and we made the mistake of wearing trainers and sandals, when it had rained overnight. We got soggy feet, which was a particular issue for our three year old, so I would recommend taking wellies if you visit when the weather has been less than perfect. Trainers would have been perfectly adequate if the ground had been dry.

B picking blueberries from the bush at Fairgreen Farms, King's Lynn.
A close up of blueberries on the bush, with an out of focus B picking fruit in the background.
M picking blueberries in the foreground, with B stuffing blueberries into her mouth, in the background.
B with her back to the camera, blueberry picking at Fairgreen Farms, Norfolk.
B looking at the camera, with her fingers in her mouth (presumably eating a blueberry!).

Fairgreen Farms provide you with your choice of a bucket or punnets to deposit your picked fruit into. We chose punnets, but transferred the fruit into our own reusable containers after it had been weighed and paid for, so that the plastic punnets could be reused by others.

The pick your own fruit costs £5 per kilo, but the lovely people at the farm rounded down the price to the nearest £1 at weigh in. Which I thought was very generous, given the amount of fruit that our one year old consumed while we were picking! They also provided a sheet of suggested recipes to use your blueberries in. We’re currently undecided as to what we’ll use them for, but we’ve frozen some to use later in the year, and I imagine a good quantity will be eaten with yoghurt as a pudding!

We had a lovely morning at Fairgreen Farms, King’s Lynn, picking our own blueberries, and I’m sure we’ll return for more!

2 responses to “Blueberry Picking in Norfolk”

  1. Kim Carberry says:

    It looks like you had a fab time.
    I’ve not been fruit picking with my girls for years but we’re planning to soon x

    • Jules says:

      We did! We’d never been before, but it was really good fun. It would have been even better if we’d had wellies! We’ll know for next time x

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