Book Review: Dr Dawn’s Guide to Toddler Health

September 2, 2016

As Little M grows older, I thought I’d find it easier to know what I’m supposed to do with her. I mean, I’ve learned how to change her nappy, wash her and can generally tell when she’s tired or hungry. In actual fact, I find that I’m googling more than ever to find out what to expect next. Last week, I reviewed Dr Dawn’s Guide to Your Baby’s First Year, which I’ve found really useful. This week, I’ve been asked to review her follow-on book, Dr Dawn’s Guide to Toddler Health.

Dr Dawn’s Guide to Toddler Health

Dr Dawn’s Guide to Toddler Health is written by Dr Dawn Harper, the lovely dark-haired smiley lady from TV’s Embarrassing Bodies. Like the first book in the series, it’s a concisely-written one-stop-shop for all you need to know about your toddler. It starts at 12 months (where Dr Dawn’s Guide to Your Baby’s First Year left off) all the way up to 5 years old.

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It begins by detailing the main developmental milestones before devoting a short, easy-to-red chapters to topics such as feeding, toileting, sleeping and teething. This is my favourite thing about Dr Dawn’s books; each chapter is only a few pages long. This means that there’s time to dip in and out of it in between the chaos of looking after a baby (or toddler!). I’m sure that this will be a book that I’ll reach for whenever there’s something I’m unsure about.

My only criticism is that it doesn’t answer all of my burning questions about weaning and how long I’ll need to continue expressing for to feed Little M breast milk. I know that she’ll start to wean at six months, and Dr Dawn tells me no cow’s milk until 12 months, but I’m wondering about the rate at which her milk consumption will decline so I’ll be less of a slave to the pump! Having said that, I think that’s something that a more specific book on weaning will tell me, rather than a general handbook, which is what this is.

The latter part of the book covers all of the vaccinations that toddler’s have, as well as common ailments and toddler first aid. Again, I’m amazed at how much information Dr Dawn has managed to pack in to such a short book (76 pages), but love how succinct it is.

I’d definitely recommend Dr Dawn’s Guide to Toddler Health to anyone like me who is somewhat clueless about having a toddler and needs a go-to guide for reassurance every now and again.

Disclosure: I was sent a copy of Dr Dawn’s Guide to Toddler Health for the purpose of this review. However, all opinions are my own.

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