Boxing Day Traditions

December 26, 2018

Merry Christmas! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas Day yesterday. I don’t know about you, but I’m still feeling full from that enormous Christmas dinner yesterday. I’m sure I can find room for some leftovers today, though, because that’s what Boxing Day is all about, isn’t it?!

Before Christmas, I ran a little ‘this or that’ quiz on my Instastories, and some of the answers made me realise that we don’t all celebrate Christmas in the same way. So, I thought I’d ask some of my fellow bloggers to tell me their Boxing Day traditions, and share them with you here.

Boxing Day Traditions

Boxing Day morning we always go for a walk. We then go to my Dads for lunch (another full roast) and spend the afternoon with him (and my siblings) then we go to Mums late afternoon and spend the evening there with my Grandparents. Naomi – Not a Perfect Parent 

We stay away from the shops and online sales, invite family over who we didn’t see on Christmas Day and play games, eat and be merry! Essentially, it’s another Christmas Day- just with gifts that are already unwrapped and no roast dinner! Steph – Mental Parentals

I was baptised as a baby on Boxing Day, so every year until I left home, my parents would re-light my baptism candle and sing a song for me. Jenni – The Bear and the Fox

I go sale shopping with my mum in the morning while my other half and kids are in bed and then we all go round to the in laws for Christmas lunch take two followed by family board games and fun! Jen – My Mummy’s Pennies 

Trifle for breakfast! My mom could never quite get all the layers finished for Xmas day and so she decided it was only right we carried on overeating into Boxing Day. She passed away 10 years ago, and we still make the trifle (albeit not quite as good as hers) and smile at Boxing Day brekkie. Sinead – Sinead Latham

In my home town of Denbigh in North Wales we all trudge up town to watch the horse and hounds (traditionally there was a hunt, but now they just parade on the top of town) and then there is ‘roll the barrel’. Farmers come from all around to race barrels around a designated course, and there’s even one for kids too! After all of this, the people of Denbigh go out drinking in the pubs (we used to have 14 when I was a child, more like 10 now) All of the tables are cleared away as it’s so busy and we drink and drink and drink. Very happy memories of this tradition, especially when I was a university student and it was great to come home and see people I hadn’t seen for months! Nicola – Mummy to Dex

We always attend our friends annual Boxing Day Fancy Dress Extravaganza it’s such a laugh! This years theme is Muppets and we love dressing up the crazier the better! AK – The German Wife 

We always have left over meats with chips for dinner on Boxing Day and a ‘tree present’ to open (a small gift which is left on the tree). Chantelle – Mama Mummy Mum 

Boxing Day is my birthday! We have a tradition to go to a seaside town near us for a stroll and a nice cocktail or prosecco and lunch at a lovely pub with sea and bridge views! Raimonda – Cosmo Mum

We do it ALL again from start to finish!! I’m very lucky in that I had all four grandparents in my life until my mid 20s. So every year we celebrated Christmas day at home and at my mum’s parents then did it all from the top with my Dad’s parents. Now that Luisa is here and my maternal grandparents have passed away we celebrate with my family on Christmas day and do the whole thing again on boxing Day with Matt’s family. And I mean everything! Full dinner, presents, outfits the works. So yeah. It’s a LOT of Christmas haha! Hannah – Hi Baby Blog 

Bloggers share their Boxing Day traditions.

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