BRIO Classic Train Review

June 1, 2018

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We love BRIO, and M is steadily building her BRIO World collection. Earlier in the year, we reviewed the BRIO Classic Figure 8 Set. Since then, M has had her birthday and we’ve added to her collection with a BRIO World bus station and a battery-powered locomotive. So you can imagine how pleased we were to be able to review the BRIO Classic Train recently.

The BRIO Classic Train, much like all of BRIO’s railway-related offerings, is a high quality toy. It’s made from brightly coloured wood and feels reassuringly chunky. It’s designed with children aged 2 and over in mind, and now that M has turned two, she is better able to push the train around the track herself.

BRIO Classic Train

M enjoyed playing with the BRIO Classic Train. She was very interested in the fact that the train’s cargo could be removed. In fact, the train’s exposed wooden load contains magnets, which means that is can be lifted by the . We’re yet to add cranes to our BRIO collection, but nevertheless, M enjoyed practising removing the train’s cargo and carefully replacing it on the wooden pegs.

BRIO Classic Train

One of the things I particularly like about BRIO is the fact that everything works so nicely together. As I said, M was gifted the for her birthday, by her grandparents. The locomotive is a battery-powered train, which has lights and makes fabulous chugging and tooting noises as it travels around the track. M has been able to use the locomotive to tow the carriages from the BRIO Classic Train, which she has been thrilled about!

BRIO Classic Train Review

The BRIO Classic Train is a lovely little train that would make a great addition to any child’s BRIO collection. It is a standalone train, though, and doesn’t come with any track, which is worth bearing in mind. However, there are many other BRIO sets available that do include track, which this train would be fully compatible with. M really likes this train, so now we just need to expand her BRIO collection with a BRIO level crane, to get even more play opportunities from it!

The BRIO Classic Train has an RRP of £17.99

A review of the BRIO Classic Train. A lovely wooden train, perfect for ages 2+.

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