Dear B, on the eve of your first birthday…

March 13, 2019

It’s actually not your birthday until Friday, but ‘a couple of days before your first birthday’ didn’t sound quite as catchy. I wrote a blog post for M on her first birthday, and I’ve loved rereading it before writing this. It’s such a joy to consider how you’re so similar in some ways, but so different in many others.

You have such a sunny character. Everyone always comments on how smiley you are, and it’s true; you are a happy little soul and even when you do cry, all you need is a quick cuddle to be placated. Up until recently, you’ve only cried over the usual ‘baby’ things – tiredness, hunger, dirty nappies etc. But now, you’re starting to understand when you’re told no, and your little face crumples when you know that you’ve been ‘told off’.

You’re also quietly, yet fiercely, determined. When you want to perfect anew skill, you’ll practise over and over again. This week, you’ve been working on standing up without holding onto anything. Your daddy and I watch as you tried over and over again, pulling yourself up on a table, sofa or us, letting go and then standing for a second then falling onto your bottom.

I’m so proud that I’m still breastfeeding you. Even though I complain about the sleepless nights and my inability to leave you for more than a few hours, I’m thrilled that we’ve managed to get to a whole year on this journey together. You don’t seem to be decreasing your breastmilk intake much (although I suppose one or two wake ups per night is better than three or four, so maybe you are!), despite seemingly loving whatever solid food we put in front of you. You eat heartily with both hands, emptying your plate completely, before diving into your bib to retrieve anything you’ve missed.

You don’t really have any words as such, but you definitely seem to know who you’re referring to when you say, “mumumumumum,” and “dadadadadad,” especially when you want something!

You adore your sister, and often want to play with her. Unfortunately, while she loves playing with you too, your agendas aren’t always compatible! On the upside, you are becoming better able to join in with her games, so we’re starting to catch a glimpse of the friendship that you have to come.

I’m so proud to be your mummy, and can’t wait to see how you continue to grow and change, now that you are one.

Happy birthday, B xxx

I've written a letter to my youngest daughter, on the eve of her first birthday.

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