Our Day Out on the Bure Valley Railway, Norfolk

August 30, 2019

Our three year old loves trains. Loves them. So we couldn’t really go the summer holiday without going on one. We visited the Eastbourne Miniature Steam Railway Adventure Park while we were on holiday, but M made it clear that she would like to go on a train with windows and a roof, so we decided to take a trip from Aylsham to Wroxham, on the Bure Valley Railway.

We decided to start in Aylsham and travel to Wroxham as Wroxham has a little bit more to see, slightly closer to the train station. Both stations have plenty of free parking for customers, though, so we could equally have travelled in the opposite direction!

The journey between the two towns takes around 45 minutes. Adult return tickets are £14 each, and under 5s travel free. The timetable varies depending on the day of the week and time of year, so it’s worth checking the Bure Valley Railway website before you set out.

There’s something particularly relaxing about riding on a steam train. The seats in the carriages we were in were comfortably padded, and the route through the Norfolk countryside is absolutely beautiful. We spotted cows and horses in the fields, as well as M’s current favourite thing to spot; hay bales! Oh, to be three!

When we arrived in Wroxham, we were able to watch the locomotive being turned around by hand on the turn table, so that it could complete the return journey. This was really interesting to watch, and definitely heightened M’s enjoyment and interest in the whole journey. She had lots of questions about how the steam train worked!

Once we’d had enough of watching the train at the station, we walked by the river into Wroxham town, and sat down in the sunshine with an ice cream. Wroxham has lots of lovely spots where you can sit by the river and watch the boats coming and going. A lovely way to pass the time on a sunny day!

We then walked back to the station and took the return train to Aylsham and headed home. A highlight of the return journey was passing the train travelling in the opposite direction. It was a lovely afternoon out, and one I’m sure we’ll do again in future.

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