Car Shades Review

July 1, 2018

One thing I always said I wouldn’t have, when we had children, were those awful princess-themed sun shades that you see stuck on car windows. I understand completely that they serve a purpose, but I like my car to look smart on the road. When M was born, we bought some cheap black sun shades from Amazon which did the job and blended in reasonably well, but they were one-size-fits all and most of the time M, and now B as well, had the sun shining in their eyes through the gap that the shade hadn’t covered. That is, until Car Shades sent us some tailor made window shades to review.

Car Shades tailor made sun shades

Car Shades are brilliant because they are made to fit your specific model of car. This means that they cover the whole window, so no gaps for the sun to peep through! Not only that, there are six shades provided. One for each rear window, two that fit together over the back window, and (my favourite thing about this product) two triangular-shaped ones that fit into those funny-shaped windows between the rear doors and the boot. This means that all of the rear windows are fully taken care of.

The Car Shades are made from a kind of semi-transparent mesh, which help to block out the sun, but also allow the driver to maintain good visibility of the road, through the back window via the rearview mirror. Rather than fitting to the glass, they fit perfectly to the frame of the window. This means that you can wind down the windows without the shades pinging off the windows or getting stuck, like the shades we had before!

Tailor made sun shades for cars

Toddler car sun shades

With regard to child comfort and protection, Car Shades offer UV protection, as well as shading children from the heat of the sun. No more journeys with M crying because there’s a chink of sun shining right in her eyes! And let’s face it, frankly anything that reduces the number of crying incidents on a car journey with a toddler is worth its weight in gold. They also serve as a handy bug barrier if you have the windows open.

When it comes to fitting, I found the clips really fiddly to push onto the shades. Unfortunately it took me until the last two shades to find the ‘knack’, so I took around double the ten minutes that the Car Shades website claims it takes to fit them! However, once the clips were on the shades, the Car Shades themselves couldn’t have been easier to fit – this part probably took me a maximum of five minutes to do. And now, they’re on, they’re on – it’s not something I’ll be removing until I come to sell the car. I couldn’t be happier with how they look. My car looks smart and professional, and not at all like the toddler taxi that it is in reality!

Car Shades Review - tailor made sun shades for your car. Protect your children from the sun's rays with these perfectly fitted sun shades.

Disclosure: We were sent a set of Car Shades free of charge. However, all opinions are my own.

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  1. These look fantastic! I have a pair from Amazon that has gaps! Plus I keep forgetting and try to wind down the window! So they do any make of car?

    • Jules says:

      I’m not sure about *any* make but their website has 46 different makes listed, so I’d say unless you have a very unusual model of car, you should be fine! We’ve been really pleased with them. Yes with the old ones I kept putting the rear window down by accident when stopping at ticket machines etc and the blind kept pinging off – these are amazing in comparison!

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