#Blogtober16 Day 29: Share Three Confessions

October 29, 2016

Gosh, I know it’s terribly dull but I don’t really have anything particularly juicy to confess to! I’ve tried to think of some things that I might feel a little bit sheepish sharing instead! So here goes…


Confession #1: I’m a grammar Fiend

This isn’t really a secret to anyone who knows me. Fortunately, as a teacher, I was paid to correct grammar on a daily basis. The children used to be fairly amused by me hollering, “those ones!” every time someone said, “them ones” or “A writ is a legal document, you mean wrote!” across the classroom! I almost cried with pride when a boy I’d taught for almost two years spontaneously used ‘wrote’ correctly.

Anyway, my grammar-related confession is that I once took my red pen out of my handbag and used it to correct a poster advertising mobile phone sales on the back of a toilet door in a local supermarket. I’m sorry, if you’re going to produce promotional material, then you need to know the difference between your and you’re, and there, their and they’re. I still felt a bit guilty for doing it, though.

Confession #2: I’M a Sweary Driver

I shan’t repeat some of the things I say. This isn’t that sort of blog. I really need to sort it out, too, as I don’t want Little M to use that sort of language. But I do get very sweary ranty sometimes. In fact, more so since I’ve been driving during the day. People seem to drive with more urgency at rush hour and I don’t have time to faff at any time of the day! I think some people just really shouldn’t be on the road. And they’re usually driving Micras. That is all.

Confession #3: I love dressing up

Not in a kinky way. Sorry. But I love any opportunity to dress up at school. In my eight years as a primary school teacher, I have dressed up as a Victorian, a Tudor, a Luddite, a 1940s housewife, Mrs Incredible (twice, superhero day is popular in primary schools!), the Cat in the Hat, a wicked witch (we had parents evening that day too, which was fun!), and, most recently when I was pregnant,  Mr Bump. Funnily enough, I hate dressing up for fancy dress parties, though!

What’s your embarrassing confession?

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6 responses to “#Blogtober16 Day 29: Share Three Confessions”

  1. Well not sure I’m going to share my most embarrassing confession but I have to admit I’m a swearer, driving or not! Whoops! Stuck on a delayed plane with the toddler I muttered “shit”, he then asked repeatedly louder “why say shit mum,y” in the end everyone around us was pissing themselves laughing. #KCACOLS

  2. I do get a bit of road rage, sorry but just can’t help it! So I’m with you on number 2!

    Thanks for linking up at #KCACOLS.
    Hope you join up again next Sunday.

  3. Now I am mum says:

    It’s good to hear of a fellow grammar fiend – my bug bears are wrong use of affect/effect and imply/infer, although maybe not with primary school children #kcacols

  4. Maria says:

    I agree with you on advertising – you would be surprised how they just do not double check things before they go to print! My husband and I both work in Design & Marketing and see this all too often! This means that I am inadvertently on the look out for incorrect grammar too! #KCACOLS

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