Cuddledry SPF 50 Poncho Towel Review

September 7, 2017

When we went on holiday to East Sussex the other week, one of the first things I packed was the Cuddledry poncho towel which Cuddledry kindly sent us to review. I thought it would be ideal to take to the beach with us, and also to use as a second towel for swimming, as the cottage that we rented had its own private swimming pool.

My favourite thing about the Cuddledry poncho towel is that it’s SPF50. So, while still being fairly lightweight, I was confident that Little M was being well protected from the sun. Unfortunately, Little M hates having anything covering her head, so it didn’t really help there, but for more compliant children (or those who like hats!) it doubles as good sun protection for their little heads.

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Cuddledry poncho towel

Another great feature of the Cuddledry poncho towel is that it has poppers sewn in to create armholes that make it act like it has ‘sleeves’. This, along with the lightweight quality of the towel, made it a lot easier for Little M to crawl around and play in the sand. She loves exploring and finding rocks and stones, especially!

Cuddledry poncho towel

Cuddledry towel, SPF50 poncho towel, toddler beach towel

Little M absolutely loves the beach, and we’re blessed in Norfolk with such beautiful, sandy beaches. These photographs were taken at Gorleston, near Great Yarmouth, which has an enormous expanse of sand, and a lifeguarded shoreline. However, after a paddle/sit in our cold English sea, Little M was getting rather shivery and cold. It’s amazing how quickly fun can turn to discomfort and concern, isn’t it? She soon warmed up, though, once we snuggled her up in her poncho towel. It’s deliciously soft and cuddly, just what you need from a toddler towel! As you can see, she’s got plenty of room to grow into it, too, so it will be a firm staple in our beach bag for at least another summer or two!

Cuddledry poncho towel

A review of the Cuddledry toddler beach towel

Disclosure: I was sent this Cuddledry poncho towel free of charge, in order to provide this honest review. All opinions are my own. 

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