Dear B, Now you are four.

March 15, 2022

Dear B,

I have spent the past few weeks telling you that it’s impossible that you’re going to be four. I simply don’t understand it; you were a tiny baby just a few months ago!

However, when I think of all of the things that you say and do, it’s really not all that surprising that you’re turning four today. You are such a wise little soul. You love to join in with conversations and your favourite interjection is, “speaking of [topic at hand]…” then you go on to say something delightfully relevant that never fails to make us smile.

You love preschool and can’t wait to get to school so that you can play with your big sister on the playground. You can already write your name and insist on writing it on every drawing you do, so I’m sure your teachers are going to love you! You’re doing so well at preschool and enjoy playing with the other children – even though you’d have me believe that no one will play with you, your key person tells me that’s definitely not the case!

Being a little wind up merchant is actually one of your favourite activities. You constantly tell little fibs to wind us all up. Fortunately, the little twinkle in your eye always gives you away when you’re trying to wind me up! Unfortunately, your sister isn’t quite so good at brushing you off and you strive to push her buttons multiple times per day.

When you’re not winding her up, you and M get along famously. It’s such a joy to watch you devising, developing and negotiating your role play together. You both love to dress up and there’s usually a princess dress involved. In fact, you’re rarely out of your ‘Aurora dress’ – a pink sequinned dress passed down to you by M. You’re happy to pull it on over whatever you’re wearing that day, and will make a ‘stew’, play in the garden or role play as a doctor, all whilst glittering away in that dress.

You know your own mind, you know what you like and what you don’t and you’re not afraid to communicate that! Occasionally I wish you’d communicate things before acting…like the other week when you decided you wanted your hair to be like Topsy’s from Topsy and Tim and cut it yourself with your paper scissors. It had taken almost two years to grow to a beautiful length since your sister gave you a ‘home haircut’ during the first lockdown. I was horrified at the loss of the ability to plait your hair, but we went to a professional, you loved having your hair cut by a real hairdresser (so you’re going to leave it to her the next time, right?!) and it’s actually turned out to be rather sweet. Or at least I think it will be in a few more weeks, once your fringe looks a bit less Spock.

B, you’re forever making us laugh and we adore having you as part of our family. I’m so excited to see what this year of you being four brings us – starting school, especially – and I hope you have a wonderful day today.

All my love,


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