Dear B, Now You Are Two

March 15, 2020

Dear B,

Happy birthday! It is hard to believe that already two whole years have passed since you were born, and yet, you seem so grown up that it is really not that surprising.

You continue to amaze us every day with your speech and your understanding; only yesterday I was reading The Singing Mermaid to you, and as the mermaid chose to go with Sam Sly to join the circus, you commented, “He’s not very nice!” – well, no, he isn’t, you’re quite right! You’re also very good at telling me where I can find things that I’ve mislaid (or you’ve moved for me!) and will often trot off to retrieve them for me.

You have a very kind and patient nature. Your big sister is exercising her three-ness at the moment and you’ll often be found sitting, waiting quietly for her to stop so that we can all get on with things as a family. You absolutely adore your sister and always want to play with her. You both fight a lot, but you’re also both thrilled to see each other each morning, and I know you’re both grateful for the live-in playmate that you have in each other.

Ever since you were tiny, people have commented on how smiley you are. You are a happy soul, and when you find something funny you generally tend to collapse into a fit of giggles. You love nothing more than to be chased, tickled or hung upside down!

You also love a good cuddle. In fact, you’re generally happiest when you’re attached to me in some way. I can’t sit down when we’re at home, unless I’m prepared to immediately let you snuggle on my lap for a story. Books are undoubtedly your great love. Almost as soon as you wake up in the morning, you call out, “choose story!” and will happily ‘read’ a pile of books while I’m busy showering and getting dressed.

I’m thrilled that we’ve reached this milestone in your life, and you’re still choosing to breastfeed. You only have ‘booby’ at bedtime now, but it’s still one of your favourite times of the day, and it’s mine, too. That close time, just the two of us, is very precious. I know the end might be coming soon and I’ll be okay with that, as I never thought we’d come this far.

You’re such a joy to have around (when you’re not bludgeoning me with a book saying, “put that down, Mummy! Read this!”) and I’m so looking forward to watching you as you continue to learn and grow.

We love you lots. Happy birthday, B.

Mummy xx

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