Dear M, now you are five

May 23, 2021

Dear M,

Five! Today is your fifth birthday and, as you informed me yesterday, you have been waiting your whole life to be five. Well, the day is finally here! Last night you were very overwhelmed at the prospect of being a big girl, as you have been very clear recently that once children are five, they’re not little anymore.

Earlier, I read back my letter to you when you were four. It was all about how brilliantly you were coping with a lockdown birthday, and the prospect of starting school. Well, here we are a whole year on. Things are by no means back to normal, and my goodness, so much has happened since then! Since then, we have moved house, and you are very excited at the prospect of some of our close friends and family being allowed inside our house (although not all at the same time!) to see your newly-decorated bedroom.

You also started school last September and the progress you have made with your learning has been amazing! It was so lovely for me to be able to teach you during the Spring term lockdown, but you were thrilled to get back to school, your friends and your teachers in March. You have made such fabulous progress in your reading and you try to read whenever you can outside of school. If we’re out for a walk and you see a sign or some writing on the side of a van or lorry, you’ll read it. You insist on reading your school book to Daddy every evening and won’t let him miss a night! For the past couple of weeks you’ve been doing a home reading challenge for school. One of the tasks was to read a recipe and follow it, and you were so proud of the ice cream sundae that you created.

You still love crafting and you are becoming more and more creative at home, using whatever resources you can find to make things. Just yesterday you asked for some tape and a pair of scissors, and you found everything else that you needed to make your own butterfly finger puppet. Very impressive!

Now that we’ve moved, we have a lovely big garden with a vegetable patch, and you are loving learning all about the different things that we are growing, and especially planting things in the raised beds. Earlier this week, you and your sister helped me to plant some runner beans. You watched as I made a frame out of bamboo sticks, hopping around impatiently and asking when you could start to plant the beans that we’d started off inside. We also harvested some of the purple sprouting asparagus that the previous owners had planted last year. You and B loved comparing who had the fattest, the longest and the shortest spear.

You are so inquisitive about everything and constantly want to learn about the world. You do sometimes get a little confused, though. On Friday you told me that you’d been learning all about Italy at school. When I asked what you’d learnt about Italy, you said, “all about the elephants.” I was a little perplexed but trusted that all would become clear later. Of course it did, when over dinner you suddenly declared that it was in fact Kenya, and not Italy, that you’d been learning about. Suddenly the elephants made more sense!

You love to sing and dance, and while you still love Frozen, you have also recently discovered The Sound of Music. You can often be spotted singing ‘Do-Re-Mi’ at the top of your voice on the walk to school, with me asking you to lower your voice just a little bit as some people might still be in bed! You also love nothing more than a dance around the kitchen with the whole family and will often ask Alexa to play Taylor Swift or songs from Frozen.

While your relationship with B can be tumultuous, you love your little sister and it is lovely watching you play nicely together (which does happen occasionally!). Last week, you made a wand during your Forest School session at school. B was so thrilled when you gifted it to her at the school gate. She really looks up to you and misses you so much when you are at school.

M, we love you so much and we are so proud of how you have grown up over this past year. Happy birthday my beautiful girl.

All my love,

Mummy xxx

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