Making a house a home: decorating plans {AD}

October 30, 2019

At the start of the year I made 19 goals for 2019. One of those goals was to ‘make our house a home’; to add more little details through decor to make our house more homely. I think we’ve been so used to living in rented properties where we’ve been unable to decorate, that we almost don’t know how to do it now that we can!

My current project is the living room. Last month I was sitting in the doctor’s waiting room, gazing at the reception desk furniture, and it occurred to me that I didn’t have an ‘office’ space of my own. We haven’t had an office since M was born – when she came along, we turned our office into a spare bedroom, and that same room is now on its third incarnation as B’s bedroom.

My office is now the living room sofa, and I know it’s not ideal for me to spend long periods of time working with my laptop on my lap. So, I decided to invest in a desk and chair from Wayfair. I also bought a gorgeous copper anglepoise lamp from Wilkinsons, which was an absolute bargain in the sale.

I then decided that the lamp would look fabulous with green walls, so went about searching for the perfect colour. I think I’ve settled on ‘Cottage Charm’ by Valspar, which you can see I’ve painted a big swatch of to get used to it. I adore the colour, but I’m unsure as to whether to paint the whole room green (my preferred option) or if I should just do one wall. I think I need to be bolder and just get on with it!

I think painting the whole room would be a good option if I can break the colour up with other things on the walls. I was thinking about making a gallery wall or adding some shelves with a mixture of artwork and photographs, above one of the sofas.

Photo by Alex Durham on Unsplash

I think I need to keep browsing Pinterest and Etsy for more ideas, then take the plunge. After all, it is only paint, and I can always paint over it!

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