7 Dinosaur Themed Tuff Spot Ideas

March 22, 2019

Who doesn’t love dinosaurs? My toddler loves anything to do with dinosaurs; dinosaur books, clothes, toys and especially a visit to our local dinosaur adventure park. She also loves anything involving our tuff tray, so I thought I’d share these six ideas for dinosaur themed tuff spots.

1. Dry Sensory Tuff Spot

Sensory play doesn’t have to be wet and messy. It can be dry and messy, too! My toddler loves playing with lentils; sprinkling them through her fingers and finding pots, pans and utensils to mix them up. This dinosaur tuff spot uses different types of lentils to create ‘habitats’ for different dinosaurs, creating lots of sensory fun.

2. Swampy Slime Nature Tuff Spot

This tuff spot created by Leslie at Messy Blog combines a readymade slime product and leaves, grasses and twigs to create a dinosaur swamp. The addition of a sieve makes for a fun pouring activity.

Dinosaur Swamp Activity

3. Gelli Baff Dinosaur Swamp

The use of Gelli Baff in this swampy dinosaur sensory activity by Jane at Hodge Podge Days makes for an alternative sensory experience. Simply mix up the powder, throw in some dinosaurs and away you go!

Gelli Baff dinosaur swamp.

4. Dinosaur Shape Matching and Painting Activity

We did this dinosaur matching and sponge painting activity a few weeks ago now, and M still won’t let me throw away the paper that was lining the tuff spot! She really enjoyed matching the shapes and learning how to make an effective print with the sponges.

5. Porridge Dinosaur Beach

I love this idea of a porridge dinosaur beach from Jennie at Edspire. It goes perfectly alongside a swampy nature tuff spot, but adds an extra sensory element. Definitely one to try!

6. Oobleck Dinosaur Swamp

This oobleck dinosaur swamp is easily made using cornflour, water and a little food colouring to make it more swamp-like! This activity was pretty messy, so we put the tuff spot on its stand in the garden, so keep the mess a little more contained!

Swampy Dinosaur Tuff Spot

7. Dinosaur Ice Activity

This icy activity by Wendy at Daisies and Pie combines natural materials with an exciting science investigation for EYFS children – can they work out how to help the dinosaurs escape from the ice?

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