Diono Quantum Classic Review

February 28, 2018

I’ve said before that one of my favourite things about blogging is that I get to try out new products. So you can imagine how chuffed I was when Diono asked me to review their new Quantum Classic travel system. I’ve tried to think about all of the things you might want to know and the little details that I came across when I took my Quantum Classic out of the box and put it through its paces. So without further ado, I bring you my Diono Quantum Classic review.

Diono Quantum Classic Review

Diono Quantum Classic: Specifications

Diono have focused on the details with this travel system. Features include a leatherette handle bar and bumper bar, a single, central foot brake and air-filled tyres. They’ve even provided a foot pump, which can be carefully stowed in its own special place in the larger-than-average basket. The Quantum Classic boasts a one-handed fold, and the included car seat adaptors mean that you can pop an infant car seat on the frame with little effort.

Diono Quantum Classic Design Features - central foot brake, air filled tyres and foot pump

Diono have also thought about how to solve the issue of storing the carrycot when you’ve finished with it. With this pram, you don’t need to. The carrycot converts into a toddler seat with just four clips. All that’s left to store is the super soft bassinet liner and cover. Furthermore, Diono describe the toddler seat as XL and suitable for use up to 22kg, and both the carrycot and toddler seat can be positioned parent- or world-facing. An adjustable handle bar makes the Quantum Classic a good option for parents of different heights. It even comes with a cup holder!

Diono Quantum Classic Features - winter foot muff with central zip, drinks holder and leatherette handle bar

Diono Quantum Classic: Setting Up

Once I’d taken everything out of the box, it was pretty easy to set up the travel system. I did need to refer to the user manual, which I’d think you’d need to with any travel system, as they’re all slightly different. I found the frame really easy to put up – there’s a really obvious clip holding it together when folded, so I just needed to release that and pull up the handle.

The thing I found the trickiest was locating the clips to transform the carrycot into a toddler seat. This is because Diono have been clever and hidden them away in little pockets, so they don’t show when you’re using the seat unit as a carrycot. I then struggled a little to fasten the clips, but once I’d folded the fabric neatly, the clips fastened easily. It just required a little more care than I’d been giving it!

The one-handed fold was a little tricky; in fact, I think I would struggle to do it with only one hand. But I am a weakling! Like most of these things, it’s a case of once you know how, it’s easy. The instruction book is really clear, too, so it only needed a quick glance over and I was away!

Diono Quantum Classic: How does it push?

I’ve never ‘driven’ a pram with air-filled tyres before, so I was really interested to see if it made a difference. Because of this, we decided to really put the Quantum Classic through its paces and took it to High Lodge, Thetford Forest for a proper test drive! High Lodge has a mixture of paved paths and rough, forest terrain so I thought it would be an ideal location.

Diono Quantum Classic Travel System

The height adjustable handle bar is great, as it meant I could set it at a really comfortable height, which at 34 weeks pregnant makes a real difference! The air filled tyres worked really well across the rough terrain, but I must admit the Quantum Classic wasn’t as manoeuvrable as I’d hoped it would be when we wanted to change direction.

Diono Quantum Classic: Best Features

This travel system has so many great features – I love the quality of the thick fabrics that have been used, and also the fact that it comes with a seat liner. It looks really stylish and I know it will be really practical for shaking off the inevitable crumbs that come with a toddler! I also love the leatherette handle bar and bumper bar, which give the Quantum Classic a really premium feel. The attention to detail is great. The winter foot muff zips up the middle, making it the easiest foot muff I’ve ever come across to get M in and out of. It’s also the pram that she’s made the least fuss over sitting in – I think she really enjoyed the snuggly fleece lining!

Diono Quantum Classic Review

Another plus point is the fact that there’s no carrycot to store once baby is ready to move up into a toddler seat. Knowing that we’ve had a massive box with a carrycot in it taking up space in M’s bedroom for the past year or so, this is a major plus point for me!

Diono Quantum Classic: Our Verdict

I love the extent to which Diono have paid attention to detail when it comes to accessories with this travel system. They’ve really thought about how to make life easier. I love the cup holder and the foot pump, and the thick, premium fabrics – it made the whole thing feel very special as it came out of the box.

The only slight downside to this pram is its manoeuvrability. It feels a little on the heavy side to push, and doesn’t steer as smoothly as like over rough terrain. Having said that, it doesn’t claim to be an off-roader, so maybe I’m expecting too much! There are many other plus points to this pram though, like the large, extendable hood which stays easily in each position, and the brilliant seat unit which doubles as a carrycot and toddler seat.

Overall, a really nice travel system that ticks a lot of boxes!

Diono Quantum Classic Review

The Diono Quantum Classic has an RRP of £675 and the Quantum Classic footmuff has an RRP of £70.

Disclosure: We were sent the Diono Quantum Classic free of charge in exchange for our honest review. 

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A review of the Diono Quantum Classic Travel System - with just one seat unit adaptable as both a carrycot and toddler seat.

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