Dippy’s Birthday Week at Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure {AD – press tickets}

August 2, 2019

Yesterday we were invited to Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure in Norfolk, to join in with Dippy the Dinosaur’s birthday celebrations, which run until Sunday 4th August. We were gifted the tickets for our visit yesterday, but we have previously paid to visit the park and it is somewhere that M loves to visit. She’s also a big Dippy fan (she even has a Dippy cuddly toy!) so she was beyond excited to celebrate Dippy’s birthday with him.

We arrived just in time to join in with the first of two birthday dance parties with Dippy. The Roarr! employee who led the dancing was brilliant; if he hasn’t been a Butlin’s redcoat in the past, then he’s definitely missed his calling! The dance party was only a four songs long, but they were classic party dance hits like Superman! and (the new classic!) Baby Shark.

After the dance party, it started to rain quite heavily, so we hot-footed it to the indoor picnic area to have some lunch. We’re really impressed that Raorr! Dinosaur Adventure has this facility, as usually if you take a packed lunch you’re forbidden from eating anywhere indoors! It was nice to be able to escape from the rain for lunch.

Once we’d finished lunch, the rain had stopped and M was keen to go to the Explorer’s Barn to make Dippy a birthday card. Of course, she had to take a detour to play on the huge central outdoor play area; I defy any child to walk past it without being drawn in! There’s a lovely little area for under-7s, and both girls had a bounce on the trampoline, a swing on the swings and a little go at riding the friendly model dinosaur in there!

One of the highlights for M of Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure is the medal that you can earn at the end of your visit, for collecting all of the stamps on your activity sheet. So after the play park, we decided to visit the Explorer’s Barn (she still hadn’t forgotten about Dippy’s birthday card!) via X-tinction and the dinosaur trail, to collect some stamps.

X-tinction is essentially a pair of giant sandpits where children can use brushes to uncover ‘fossils’. M enjoyed using the brush to uncover the fossils, while B mainly enjoyed playing in the sand!

My favourite part of Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure is the Dinosaur Trail. Some of the dinosaur models are a little bit dated, but they’re still quite impressive; especially the Brachiosaurus, whose long neck stretches high into the treetops.

M was keen to collect her stamps and enjoy the various look out points and ranger’s station along the way.

After we’d reached the bottom of the Dinosaur Trail, we headed through the Secret Animal Garden to the Explorer’s Barn to make a birthday card for Dippy. I think M was slightly disappointed to find a basic colouring sheet, as she’d been talking of the sparkles she was planning to decorate Dippy’s card with all the way down the Dinosaur Trail. However, the activity was free of charge so a colouring sheet and tub of felt tips was probably to be expected!

M took the task of making a birthday card for Dippy very seriously, and took her time to make it ‘perfect’. She mostly just coloured and ‘wrote’ a message inside, although there was also a dot-to-dot puzzle which I think older children would enjoy. I was tasked with looking after Dippy’s birthday card in my handbag until we could see him again at the second dance party, later in the day.

Once we’d finished making birthday cards, we headed back through the animal barn, where the girls enjoyed looking at the baby chicks. B was particularly taken with the rats, and kept going back to them for another look!

We then made our way back up the Neanderthal Trail (or Cave Baby Trail as M affectionately calls it!), collecting another stamp by the woolly mammoth.

We still had a little bit of time before the second birthday dance party, so M asked if we could go to Dippy-ville, the new indoor play area for smaller visitors to Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure. This is a really calm space, slightly away from the centre of the park and completely separate from Dinomite, the main, all-singing-all-dancing, indoor play area.

Having spent a good amount of time in Dippy-ville, we took a wander through the Lost world A-mazing Adventure, a small maze which leads to the Jungle Telecom; a little hut of bongo drums, and the location of a stamp. There’s also a little lookout post which M always insists on climbing.

It was then time to join Dippy and the Roarr! staff of another birthday dance party. M was keen to join in dancing to Baby Shark, but was surprised by the Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure version of Baby T-Rex. This was definitely a notable moment for M as she spent most of dinnertime telling us all about the Baby T-Rex rendition of Baby Shark!

Once the dancing was over, it was time to meet Dippy and M was keen to hand over her card, give Dippy a hug and have her photograph taken with him – although you wouldn’t believe it as she had an attack of shyness and wouldn’t look at the camera! M was also thrilled to receive an ‘I met Dippy’ sticker.

Before we left to go home, we went to Guest Services to collect the girls’ medals, then had another quick play on the outdoor play area. I think we could probably have spent all day just playing there, to be honest! There were so many things we didn’t do on our visit; face painting, go karting, the main indoor play area and of course Dippy’s splash zone (we had thought that the weather wasn’t good enough when we set off so didn’t pack any wet gear, but actually by mid-afternoon is was roasting and perfect for a splash!).

The girls had a brilliant time at Dippy’s birthday celebrations and it definitely added a little something extra special to the visit for M. Playing on the outdoor play area was a great way to end the visit, and fairly inevitable as you can’t leave the park without going past it!

If you’d like to visit Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure and join in with Dippy’s birthday celebrations, they last for a few more days yet, ending on 4th August. And if you can’t make it this week, there’s a FREE shuttle bus running from Norwich city centre to the park, throughout the summer holidays, making it more accessible to those who don’t have a car.

If you have any questions about Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure or Dippy’s birthday week, then please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments. And if you’ve found this post useful, then don’t forget to Pin it!

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  1. We’re going next week and last time all Erin wanted to do was stay in the play area. Hopefully she wants to do a bit more this time.

    • Jules says:

      The play area is brilliant, so I can see why she liked it! M is all about the medals which is helpful as you have to walk all around the park to collect all of the stamps for that! I think her favourite dinosaur is the Brachiosaurus. We always joke that he likes to eat porridge, but M knows that he was a herbivore who ate the leaves off the trees. I hope you have an amazing time next week!

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