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April 14, 2020

This post contains affiliate links so I will receive a small payment if you shop via one of them – but it won’t cost you any extra.

During lockdown I’ve been unsure as to how I should behave as a consumer. On the one hand, I want delivery drivers to be out and about as little as possible, but on the other hand, small businesses need our support in order to survive during these difficult times.

On the whole, I’ve tried to stick to the essentials, but increasingly I’ve found that even the big supermarkets haven’t been able to provide what I’ve needed, and I’ve found myself increasingly turning to more local business such as farm shops to fill my cupboards.

Etsy are encouraging us to #StandWithSmall so I thought I’d share some eco friendly products from small UK businesses, which might solve some problems when we can’t find what we’d normally buy in the supermarket, and that will come in handy during these times of isolation, and beyond!

Reusable Kitchen Roll

I absolutely love my reusable kitchen roll. It’s far more absorbent than the paper stuff, and I just shove it into the washing machine after I’ve used it. These reusable kitchen roll designs by Mary Makes Zero Waste are really fun and have poppers to keep them stored tidily.

If you’ve got delicate surfaces in your kitchen, you might prefer to use a non-poppered variety, like this pretty bee print reusable kitchen roll from Mummy Marvellous Makes. I’ve got poppers on my kitchen roll and while I like being able to roll it to store, they can be a bit scratchy on my surfaces!

Washing Up Non-Sponges

Matthew still longs for a disposable sponge, but I have spent ages searching high and low for an eco-friendly alternative that actual works and doesn’t seem to act as a little germ hotel. My favourite by far are these Scrubbies, sold by Little Fox Soapery on Etsy. You can pop them in the washing machine then once you’ve scrubbed the life out of them, you can snip them up into little pieces and compost them. So they really are zero waste.

If, like me, you are enjoying all of the bee print around at the moment, you might like this scrubby alternative from WillowoodUK. It’s very pretty but I haven’t tried this particular brand so can’t speak to its effectiveness. I might have to try it though!

Reusable Makeup Pads

I don’t know about you, but one thing that I’ve been trying to do as a bit of self-care and to introduce some normality during lockdown times is to get washed, dressed and do my make up every day. It makes me feel much better and more prepared for the day. I’ve also been trying to take more care of my skin, so I’ve been removing my makeup every day. Please tell me I’m not the only one who doesn’t normally bother doing this? I know it’s a terrible habit!

Anyway, I’m getting to the end of my huge stash of cotton wool, mostly gifted to us when M was born, so I’ve been looking around for alternatives. These cotton pads from The Zero Waste Maker look lovely and have excellent reviews.

Of course I had to find a bee-themed alternative, and I love how these bee print reusable make up pads come in their own little drawstring bag to dispense used pads straight into the washing machine. Handy!

Beeswax Food Wraps

I can’t remember the last time I bought cling film or foil (with the exception of Christmas as I had no idea how to cook a turkey without following Delia Smith’s detailed foil-wrapping instructions – I suppose the answer to this would be to have a vegetarian Christmas!). We have mostly substituted foil and cling film for using tupperware that we already had in the cupboard, or reusable sandwich bags.

Despite moving to a flexitarian diet, we do still roast a chicken once every two weeks. Normally I would wrap the leftover chicken in foil to keep it in the fridge, but now I use a beeswax wrap. I’m pretty sure that the one I’ve got is the same as this huge bee’s wrap sold by Eco so Good on Etsy. It really is huge, which makes it handy for lots of things.

In keeping with the bee theme of this post, I’ve also spotted these slightly smaller (30cm x 30cm) beeswax wraps sold by Tulip and Sixpence on Etsy. I love the way they package them. Pretty and eco friendly!

I hope you’ve found my post helpful and that these products help to bring a little bit of eco-friendly, practical joy to these strange times we’re living in. Having reusables might take a little bit of stress out of the food shop, too!

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  1. Chantele says:

    Some really great finds and they are all so pretty too!

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