Pondering Playtime // Rainbow Rice Number Writing Tuff Spot

November 8, 2019

Welcome back to Pondering Playtime, my weekly series where I share a favourite play and learning activity that we’ve played with during the week. This week, I’ve chosen this rainbow rice tuff spot, as my three year old, M, wanted to practice writing her numbers.

Rainbow Rice Number Writing – Set Up

For this activity, I found my bag of rainbow rice in the cupboard, and poured it into the tuff spot. I regularly use this rainbow rice in the tuff spot, and simply store it in a plastic bag in our crafting cupboard.

Here’s my original rainbow rice activity, if you’re interested to know how I dyed the rice.

I then added some of M’s magnetic numbers, and our set of wooden paintbrushes.

This activity was prompted by M as she wanted to know how to write her numbers, so as she chose each digit, I modelled how to write it in the rice with a paintbrush, then encouraged her to follow the mark I had made with her own. We repeated this with all of the numbers in the tuff spot.

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Rainbow Rice Number Writing – What the girls thought

M was motivated to learn how to write her numbers, so she enjoyed this activity. After she had finished tracing my numbers in the rice, she tried writing her own (with mixed results!). It was a nice activity to cement her number recognition, which she can now do confidently from 0-9.

B also enjoyed copying what M was doing, and did her own mark making in the rice. Once the girls had finished writing the numbers, they enjoyed some sensory play with the rice and got out their play pots and pans and utensils to create different sounds and scooping and pouring the rice.

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