#Blogtober16 Day 23: My Favourite Time of Year – September

October 23, 2016

I was talking to my husband about this post this morning, and he immediately said that my favourite time of year is September. He’s right in a way. Although, as a teacher, I’m predisposed to love the end of July. The time when the school year comes to an end and the summer holidays stretch out before you with such sweet promise of having an actual life. You’ll know what I mean by this if you’re a teacher!

But really, he’s right. I do love September. You see, I’m a bit of a misery guts if the temperature goes much above 23ºC. I much prefer it being a bit cooler and needing to wear a cardigan or jacket. I absolutely LOVE wearing boots. So September suits me pretty well as the weather starts too cool a little, but it’s still fairly dry and the evenings are still reasonably light.

Hubby and I also have our birthdays in September. I think we all feel just a little bit special in our birthday month, don’t we? We can treat each other, eat out in nice places and feel justified in spending a little bit of extra money. In years gone by we have gone away for two consecutive weekends (hubby and I were born exactly one week apart) or had a week away during October half term, but that hasn’t felt like an option this year.

We did have a lovely date night, though, at a local pub and arranged for a babysitter for Little M. Fortunately, we have a lovely friend who is a paediatric nurse. I feel comfortable leaving M with her! After all, she is just about qualified!

Finally, in September last year, we discovered that we were expecting Little M and were going to be parents! It couldn’t really have happened in a better month!

What’s your favourite time of year?


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