Feeding Baby ‘on the go’ with Summer Infant

April 14, 2017

You might not have heard me say it before(!) but I love love LOVE our Tripp Trapp high chair. The only downside is that it doesn’t fold. So when we’ve gone to have dinner at a friend’s house or the grandparent’s, we’ve just shoved the whole thing in the boot of the car. Not ideal and no room for anything else!

But we can fret no longer as Summer Infant have sent us the Sit ‘n Style booster seat. It’s a portable high chair that straps on to a normal dining chair. We couldn’t wait to try it out, so we fed Little M her dinner in it the other night. Hubby got a bit confused by the straps (it’s easily done!) but I managed to fit it. In fact, we were impressed by how sturdy it was as Little M does tend to jig around rather a lot when she’s eating, and the booster seat didn’t budge at all. As you can see, she was as excited to try it out as we were…

Summer Infant Sit N Style Booster Seat, Portable high chair, travel highchair, portable highchair, booster seat

Summer Infant Sit n Style booster seat, portable highchair, travel highchair

The tray is very handy but it can also be folded underneath the booster seat so that you can push the chair up to the table and the baby can eat from there. Little M was more than happy to use a mixture of the tray and table, though. I think she found it quite a novelty!

Summer Infant also sent us the TinyDiner place mat to put through its paces. We love this place mat! It’s easy to clean, has a handy ‘trough’ to catch any bits of dropped food (Little M loves retrieving morsels of food from it!) and, best of all, it has suckers that grip it to the table so that M can’t roll it up or pull it off.

Summer Infant Tiny Diner placemat, baby placemat, non slip place mat, weaning place mat, tablemat for babies

As it’s been the Easter holidays and we’ve had hubby at home with us for a fortnight, we’ve had a few adventures this week. On Wednesday we went to Centre Parcs and yesterday we took a trip to Lakeside (more about that later!) so we did a lot of feeding Little M on the run. Summer Infant’s Keep Me Clean disposable bibs came in really handy.

disposable bibs

They took up barely any space in the changing bag and kept Little M’s clothes dry. The only downside is that the sticky patch securing them didn’t hold up to M’s pulling, but I just tied them on and it worked a treat! Obviously I wouldn’t use disposable bibs all the time (think of the planet, people!) but it’s handy to have one in the changing bag for an unexpected mealtime on the go.

Roll on the summer holidays; we’re ready for them!

Feeding baby on the go with Summer Infant

Disclosure: I was sent these items by Summer Infant in order to write this honest review.


10 responses to “Feeding Baby ‘on the go’ with Summer Infant”

  1. Such a handy product! We had an old (old, old) Summer Infant booster for Toby but don’t have one for Pops yet, I may buy this one xx

  2. Oh that looks awesome. We have a booster but it doesn’t have a tray so may need to look into one of these! Xx

  3. What a brilliant idea. We are off to Center Parcs in September and that booster seat looks perfect for travelling xx

  4. Jaime oliver says:

    I love Summer Infant products but never seen this! its genius! i need to invest in some disposable bibs for our holidays too (thanks for the reminder)

    • Jules says:

      It’s really clever; we honestly weren’t expecting it to be as good as it is – we’re very impressed!

  5. Abbie says:

    Oh this is super! how handy! x

  6. This is brilliant, we’ve just graduated to kneeling at the table. But my the mess he makes I think I still need the place mat!!

  7. This looks fab, it’s a great alternative for people like me who can only ever dream of having a tripp trapp high chair! I love that it means little people can sit at the table with everyone else xx

  8. Mrs H says:

    That Sit ‘n’ Style Booster Seat sounds amazing. I always struggle when out and about with Little Mister H and when there isn’t a high chair. This does sound like the perfect solution. Brilliant review. You are definitely set for feeding Little M on the go! Hugs Lucy xxxx

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