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June 7, 2019

Welcome back to Pondering Playtime, my fortnightly series where I share a favourite picture book and a craft or play activity to go with it. This week, I’ve gone for a probably the most low-effort activity possible – a finger printing book by Usborne books. The only other equipment that we needed was a damp cloth to wipe M’s fingers when changing colours!

Fingerprint Activities Under the Sea – What’s the Story?

Fingerprint Activities – Under the Sea is an activity book, rather than a story book. Each page has an image, plus an instruction/suggestion on how the reader can use their fingerprints to complete the picture. The book is fixed to a base which contains ink pads of the colours of the rainbow. This ink pad has a plastic cover, which can be replaced after use.

The activities in the book range from very simple to more complex. For example, you might choose to decorate some turtles’ shells with whatever pattern you’d like; or you might decide to let your fingerprints dry, then use a fine felt tip to add extra details to turn them into shrimp, jellyfish or even deep sea divers. All of the instructions are clearly provided inside the book.

Finger painting

Under the Sea – Fingerprint Painting

Finger painting

This activity couldn’t be simpler – M and I simply flicked through the book together, and M chose an activity to complete. M then completed the activity independently, with just a little help from me to wipe her fingers in between changing the colour of the ink she was using.

Finger painting
Finger painting
Finger painting
Finger painting

You will need:

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Finger painting

Fingerprint Painting – What M thought

M received this book from a friend as a birthday present, and she absolutely loves it. It’s such a quick-fix activity, so I love it too! It does require supervision at first, until the artist has got used to wiping their fingers clean between using each colour, to avoid making a boggy mess.

This was only the second time that M has used this book, and she was brilliant at asking for help wiping her finger each time. She took such pride in her work, and explained to me which part of the first she was decorating next and which colours she was going to choose for different parts.

This book was a fabulous birthday present for M to receive, so I’ll definitely be buying some in future to gift to her other little friends for birthdays and Christmas.

Finger painting


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Looking for a no-effort activity for your toddler? Check out this fingerprint activity book from Usborne books.

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