Do First Impressions Count?

April 4, 2017

*This is a collaborative post.

Do first impressions count? I think so. Yesterday I went for a hot stone massage. Doesn’t that sound luxurious? I even upgraded to a full body one after hubby bought me a back, neck and shoulder massage for Christmas. Yes, I know it’s April, but I’d only just got around to booking it!

The last time I had a massage was when hubby and I were on honeymoon in Mauritius. We stayed at the Maradiva Villas with Kuoni. Our resort made a fabulous first impression, not least when we were shown to our private villa where the towels had been shaped into swans and fresh fruit had been provided for us (beautifully refreshing after a seven-hour flight from Dubai!).

The spa at our resort was stunning and also made an excellent first impression. Freshly squeezed exotic fruit juice on arrival, before being led through a perfectly manicured courtyard, with miniature water and unusual flowers, to a minimalist, bright, clean treatment room. Bliss.

Unfortunately today’s experience wasn’t quite as magical. The waiting room was small and dark with black and white walls and dated black wicker furniture. Thankfully, it was clean but even still, my hopes weren’t high for the massage I was about to receive. Which is silly because surely the quality of the massage therapist has no positive correlation to the condition of the reception and waiting room?

Still, it put me on the back foot. I can’t help but feel like I spent the duration of my massage questioning whether or not I was receiving the best possible service. Was it a bit cold in the therapy room? Was the therapist really taking care to make sure I was comfortable throughout? Should she be clanging those stones together in the sink in between massaging each of my limbs? To be honest it was a reasonably relaxing experience, but I didn’t come away feeling like a new person. In fact I felt a bit stiff and a tiny bit dissatisfied.

Perhaps it would have been different if they’d purchased their reception furniture from Furniture at Work’s reception furniture. Something a little brighter, more comfortable and modern might have created a different first impression and provided a nicer overall experience. So yes, I think first impressions do count.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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