Five gifts under £5 for the runner in your life

November 15, 2017

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I always find hubby really difficult to buy for – he doesn’t usually like me to buy him clothing that he hasn’t tried on first, and has most things that he needs. However, one thing he does always like to receive is a good running accessory. Running is his ‘me’ time – he loves exercise and you can tell when he hasn’t been able to get out on the bike or had a run in a few days! So I was pretty excited when Sports Direct asked me to take their £5 Christmas Challenge.

This year, Sports Direct have got a huge range of gifts that are under £5, so I took a look to see if I could find something running-related for the husband’s Christmas stocking. Sure enough, Sports Direct is a veritable treasure trove of affordable running accessories! To be honest, I could have bought more, but there are some things (like a phone armband and running gloves) that he already has.

Anyway, without further ado, here’s what I picked up for the runner in my life – and every single one under a fiver!

1. Karrimor Run Water Bottle

Hubby is a big park run fan, so this small bottle, which has a built in handle, is ideal for his favourite 5-10k runs. He says he gets bored running for any longer!

2. Diem Headlamp

Now that it’s getting dark so early, it’s handy to have a running headlamp as hubby sometimes runs through a wooded area local to us. This has been on hubby’s running wish list for a while – I think he secretly wants one because his running friend who lives in a village without streetlights has one! Nothing like a bit of running gadget envy!

3. Karrimor 2 Pack Men’s Running Socks

I think these are pretty self explanatory – but hubby asks for these ones specifically, so they must be pretty good! He’s had them before so I can comment that they wash well!

4. Sneakerballs Shoe Fresheners

Okay, so these are probably more a gift for me, than they are for hubby. But if they stop his trainers from whiffing, I’ll be a happy wife!

5. Karrimor Flashing Band

I always worry about hubby when he’s out running in the dark, and at this time of year when it’s already dark on his cycling commute. So I think this flashing band will come in really handy to make him more visible to traffic. I think it would make a good ankle wrap to make him visible from the side (as bike lights only really help when looking from the front and rear), as well as protecting his suit trousers from the chain.

All in all, I’m pretty impressed with my ‘haul’ (I don’t like that word, but it feels appropriate here!) – the quality is so good; better than I was expecting, considering the low prices! Sports Direct have a huge range of presents for under a fiver, so you’re bound to find some fabulous stocking fillers and gifts on a budget. I know hubby is going to be one happy runner come Christmas Day!

Disclosure: I was provided with a Sports Direct voucher to cover the purchase price and postage of these gifts. However, all opinions are my own. 

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  1. Kate says:

    Great to see how you got on – commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part

  2. Those Sneakerballs look interesting! You’ll have to let me know if they work.. I’m intrigued!

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