Folic acid

September 7, 2015

My mother has literally been going on at me for years to take folic acid. I’ve been resisting as we weren’t trying for a baby and it would have felt, well, wrong. Because folic acid is something people who are ‘trying’ take, right? Plus I thought it was just one of those ‘extra’ things people do…

Turns out I was wrong. According to the NHS website (thank you, Google) it is really important to take folic acid during conception and the early stages of pregnancy to significantly reduce the risks of things like spina bifida.

This obviously led on to a journey around the NHS website, with me finding my way to this page about things you shouldn’t eat during pregnancy. Most of which I consumed during our honeymoon. Which opened up a whole new world of paranoia. Exhausting.

So, I have started taking folic acid. But after we first started trying. That’s early enough, right?

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