8 Fun Lunch Ideas for Toddlers

July 13, 2018

Being a stay-at-home mum I often feel the pressure to create amazing and exciting lunches for my toddler, but don’t always have a lot of time on my hands. My toddler can be a picky eater, sometimes only eating the cucumber on her plate and leaving everything else. However, she does love novelty. By using a few interestingly-shaped cutters, I’ve managed to get her eating more and exclaiming, “oh wow!” when her plate is placed in front of her.  So if you’re looking for some quick, easy and fun toddler lunch ideas to inspire your picky eater, look no further! Here are eight simple lunch ideas for toddlers at home.

Eight Fun Lunch Ideas for Toddlers

Eight quick, easy and fun ideas for toddler lunches at home.

1. Ham and cheese monster face

This is one of the first ‘exciting’ lunches I made for my toddler. Super simple mismatched round ham sandwiches for eyes. A basic triangle free-cut from a slice of cucumber for a nose. Then I simply broke up a slice of cheddar cheese to make the ‘teeth’ for the mouth. Very easy but the toddler was impressed and ate the whole lot!

Ham sandwich monster face. Circular ham sandwich eyes, a triangular cucumber nose and jagged toothy cheddar cheese smile.

2. Tuna mayonnaise dragonfly

I find the simplest shaped cutters make the best sandwiches. The dragonfly is a tuna-mayo sandwich and the flowers are cucumber, carrot and cheddar cheese.

Tuna mayonnaise dragonfly shaped sandwich surrounded by carrot, cucumber and cheese flowers.

3. Cheddar cheese, tomato and olive monster face

The success of the first monster face spurred me on to try another! This one features triangular grated cheddar cheese sandwiches for eyes. A half-cherry tomato create a simple nose. Black olives cut lengthways into quarters are arranged to form a quirky-looking mouth. Job done!

Monster face with triangular cheddar cheese sandwich, tomato nose and black olive teeth.


4. Ham and cheese heart

My toddler loves a heart shape so this easy heart-shaped ham and cheese sandwich surrounded by carrot and cucumber flowers hit the spot!

A heart shaped ham and cheese sandwich surrounded by carrot and cucumber flowers.

5. Gouda cheese, cucumber and tomato kebab

I used a straw to make this toddler-friendly kebab. Round gouda sandwiches are alternated with cucumber coins and cherry tomatoes.

A kebab made on a straw with round gouda cheese sandwiches, cucumber circles and cherry tomatoes.

6. Ham and cheese 2nd birthday sandwich

My toddler was thrilled with this number two birthday sandwich! It contains ham and cheddar cheese and is surrounded by cucumber and carrot stars. Easy and special, all at the same time!

Ham and cheese two-shaped sandwich with cucumber and carrot stars.


7. Cheese and apple witch

Witches aren’t just for halloween! Cheese and apple is a winning culinary combination and my toddler is a big fan of Room on the Broom, so she gobbled up this witch-shaped cheese sandwich and apple stars.

Room on the broom witch-shaped cheddar sandwich with apple stars.


8. Springtime bunny scene

Okay, admittedly this did take me longer than a couple of minutes as the baby and toddler were both napping and I was enjoying myself! This is a rabbit-shaped cheese sandwich with carrot and cucumber flowers and a tomato sun. The detail of the rabbit’s face was made with olive whiskers and raisin eyes.

A cheese bunny shaped sandwich with olive eyes and whiskers, surrounded by carrot and cucumber sandwiches and a tomato sun.


I hope you’ve enjoyed my eight easy lunch ideas for toddlers! Let me know if you try them and what your toddler thinks! And don’t forget to pin it for later!

Try these simple ideas to encourage your picky eater toddler to try new foods! Easy to make and fun to eat!

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  1. Leslie says:

    Love the idea of a straw for a kebab! Genius, no sharp bits!

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