Heatwave stress and a hospital visit

July 25, 2016

I know I’m being a typical Brit in moaning about the hot weather, but I genuinely prefer it when the temperature averages 21 degrees. My dislike of hot weather has only been amplified by having a newborn. I mean, I know heatwaves are generally uncomfortable for everyone but I didn’t realise how downright stressful it would be.

My health visitor had warned me about Little M overheating and the fact that it can increase risk of SIDS. Honestly I know she has to keep me informed so I make good choices but when I hear words like that it just turns me into a paranoid mess. And we had this conversation before the hot weather kicked in…

Added to this, Hubby hasn’t been very well this past week. He’s a teacher too and I’d been longing for the holidays to start to allow me a little more sleep as he could take on a little more of the baby duties. I was actually bereft on Thursday, the first day of the holidays, when he was completely useless due to the peak of a horrid gastro bug he’d picked up.

Anyway, last night the worlds of overheating fear and gastroenteritis combined as Little M produced three of the fullest, foulest-smelling nappies we’ve ever experienced. When she produced them it actually sounded like a drain emptying into her nappy. I wasn’t concerned at first as the nurse told me to expect ‘funny’ nappies for a few weeks after the immunisations Little M had last week.

But hubby got me convinced that Little M caught his bug and as I sat on the sofa with her doing the night shift, I started to worry about how hot and clammy she felt, couldn’t work the bloody in ear thermometer properly and couldn’t face the thought of putting her down and falling asleep myself. I mean, the worst just isn’t worth contemplating.

So I phoned 111 for reassurance. I should learn, really, as every time I’ve phoned anywhere for reassurance, even back in my pregnancy, I’ve ended up not being reassured at all. Hence how we came to be in our local community hospital at 1am waiting to see the out of hours doctor.

Of course by the time we’d got there Little M was feeling less hot and much more herself. The doctor wasn’t concerned so off we went back home, hubby and I the worse for wear for even less sleep than usual and Little M completely oblivious to the whole thing.

This hot weather is just too stressful! I don’t want to wish away the summer holiday with hubby so instead I’ll wish for an unseasonably cool August. Sorry!

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