Sandals that feel like slippers…

July 5, 2017

When I went to BlogOn, I entered pretty much every giveaway going (who doesn’t love a giveaway?!), but the one that I was most interested in was the chance to win a pair of Hotter shoes to review. The weather had just become too warm for me to continue wearing my gorgeous Hotter Belle boots, which I had essentially lived in since last October, so I was keen to get my hands on something for the summer. Can you believe it? I won!

So, I took myself into Norwich to see the lovely staff at my local Hotter store. They really are so helpful and didn’t mind me trying on oodles of pairs of shoes (it was so hard to choose just one pair!). The recent heatwave had me set on a pair of sandals, though, so I settled on a pair of Hotter Sun sandals in tan. Unfortunately, these weren’t in stock in my size and it took a couple of weeks for them to arrive. This happened with my boots, too, so I don’t know whether I’ve just been unlucky or this is a common occurrence with Hotter. I was kept in the loop via Twitter though, so I have no complaints whatsoever about Hotter’s customer service.

Hotter Sun Sandals – First Impressions

Once they did arrive, though, I wasn’t disappointed! As you can see, Little M was eager to help me get them out of the box! I really liked the wide straps and Grecian gladiator style.

Hotter Sun Sandals Review

Given that we were in the midst of a heatwave when we arrived, my feet were a sweaty, swollen mess (apologies for the overshare, but we’ve all been there!) so I wasn’t sure about wearing them straight out of the box as normally when I wear new sandals in hot weather, I end up with blisters almost immediately. However, one of my lovely Facebook followers (you can follow me here, if you like…hint, hint!) told me that she has a pair of Hotter Sun sandals too, and they feel like slippers to wear! So, I took the plunge and wore them to Little M’s Tiny Talk class.

Hotter Sun Sandals – Like Slippers?

The first thing that I noticed was how supportive they are. Usually, when I wear sandals, my heel slips off the sole or my ankle turns. Not so with Hotter Sun sandals! The double strap at the ankle and the strap above the heel make for a highly supported ankle, and the straps across the foot and toes are somehow in the right place, or made of the right materials, not to rub or chafe.

Hotter Sun Sandals Review

As this was a short trip out, I thought it might be a fluke, so wore them again when we went for a walk down by the river in Beccles at the weekend. This was a real test, as the paths were uneven and switched between paving, gravel and grass. Sure enough though, Hotter’s Sun sandals really are like wearing slippers! They are so flipping comfy, I can’t explain it! Absolutely no rubbing at all and I even forgot to take them off when I got home. The best part is that they look good, too. I felt like a Greek goddess in my maxi dress and Sun sandals!

I just hope that I don’t leave the house in my slippers by accident, thinking that I’m wearing my Hotter Sun sandals…

6 responses to “Sandals that feel like slippers…”

  1. I still have my Belle boots and they are literally the comfiest things I’ve ever set my foot in haha. Now I’m off to have a look at sandals! xx

    • Jules says:

      Oh Jade, I adore my Belle boots and was actually sad when the weather got too warm to wear them! These sandals have definitely softened the blow, though! xx

  2. Life as Mum says:

    I love those sandals! I have always heard good things about Hotter shoes. I’ve checked out your other post with the boots too, they’re lovely.

    • Jules says:

      Honestly, they are just so comfortable! My feet are spoilt now. Try them out, I’m sure you’ll like them too!

  3. Janine Dolan says:

    They look super comfy. I would definitely wear them myself.

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