How to set up easy sensory bins

April 19, 2019

Sensory bins are a great way to keep your child busy, helping you deal with them when they are fussy, and to even help them focus when you are reading aloud. Putting together sensory bins doesn’t have to be complicated and with a few items kept in stock you can set up easy sensory bins quickly on the fly when you need them.

Stock a variety of bases ready to go. This is easy and can be a variety of small fillers you have in the house. Rice and pasta can be dyed for a fun change of pace. Stocking whole coffee beans, coffee grounds (this makes a great “dirt” base), beans, salt, and other common kitchen basics is a great way to have a stock that doesn’t go to waste.

In the summer you can even keep a bag of ice on hand for sensory bins. The local pound shop or craft store is a great place to find small glass rocks or pebbles to use as a fun filler for your sensory bins.

Keeping measuring cups, small dishes, and small toys on hand is a great way to fill in sensory bin gaps. Scooping, pouring, and dumping are all great sensory pleasing activities that feel different for each scoop used and each filler that they try.

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When you are out and about shopping keep your eye out for small toys and trinkets to add to your sensory bins. Clearance sections can be a lot of fun for finding inexpensive sensory bin fillers. Pound shops often have fun small toys, fairy houses, and even small gardening tools perfect for your sensory bins.

Raid the toy box for fillers for your sensory bins. Kids love when they discover new uses for things they love. Doll furniture, toy cars and trucks, and toy kitchen items are always great additions to sensory bins.

Think outside the box and have fun when putting together sensory bins for your child. If you don’t stress it and get creative they can be a lot of fun. Your sensory bins do not need to be Pinterest perfect to keep your little one busy and happy.

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Putting together sensory bins doesn't have to be complicated and with a few items kept in stock you can set up easy sensory bins quickly on the fly when you need them.

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