5 Ways to Help Your Child Through Chickenpox

January 24, 2018

If you follow my Facebook page (and if you don’t, what are you waiting for?!) then you’ll know that M has come down with a case of the chickenpox. I’ve never encountered chickenpox before (other than having it as a child myself; although it’s too long ago for me to remember!) so I asked my fellow bloggers to give me some advice on how to best care for M while she gets through this. And so, I bring you…

5 Ways to Help Your Child Through Chickenpox

5 Ways to Help Your Child Through Chickenpox

1. Distraction

Lots of activities to distract you from the cabin fever of not being able to leave the house for a few days – baking, painting, movie days and den building kept us sane! – Abi, Something About Baby

Lots of colouring activities, lots of stories and lots of garden time (lucky for us it was a lovely Easter!) to keep her occupied – Carol, Virtually All Sorts

2. Baths

Oat in a sock bath every night (pretend that it’s slime) my Ghostbusters loving son (7) loves his slime bath! – AK, The German Wife

Bath time is fun no matter what time of day. If your little one is having a particularly bad time, pop them in an oat bath and let them splash around as much as they want. Whether it is 8am, 1.45pm or their usual bedtime bath – Sarah, Boo Roo and Tigger Too

Bicarb in the bath will help dry them out, and oats will help ease the itching. Pop the oats in a sock and put it over the tap as you run a bath – Sheree, Can we Skip the Teenager bit?

3. Creams

Poxclin cool mousse was my absolute saviour, i found it worked far superior to the dreaded calamine lotion! It helps to dry up the blisters a lot quicker! I’ve successfully treated my 2 kids three times with it (one of them managed to catch chicken pox twice!) – Nikki, Glam and Geeky Mum

Eurex lotion was an absolute must. I kept it in the fridge and slathered it all over her, we called it her ‘big girls perfume’ as it smelled divine! Whenever we use it now for itching we both think of chicken pox! Bec, Kizmetcava

4. Paracetamol

Lots and lots of calpol! My son had the pox when he was only 9 months old and wasn’t to bad but calpol helped bring his temperature down and he slept better – Sarah, Mummy Cat Notes

It’s worth noting here that the NHS advice is to NOT use ibuprofen as it can make someone with chickenpox very ill.

5. Antihistamines

Distraction is key along with antihistamines like Piriton to stop the itching – Jen, Just Average Jen

Currently, we’re on day five of the dreaded pox and thankfully, M seems to be coping reasonably well during the day (we won’t talk about the nights!). There’s lots of information on the NHS Website that can help, including photographs of the rash to help you identify it.

Chickenpox: how to treat chickenpox and what to use for itching.

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