Hybrid Stroller: Growing and Changing with your Family

December 19, 2018

Since we first reviewed the Hybrid Stroller when M was just nine months old, BabyStyle have really looked after us and gifted us everything that we’ve needed with the arrival of B, allowing us to take advantage of all of the Hybrid Stroller’s features.

We’ve used the Hybrid Stroller in every configuration that it can offer;

B in the top seat of the Hybrid Tandem Stroller

Hybrid City Stroller vs Hybrid Edge Stroller

The first time I used the Hybrid Stroller, back when M had not long moved out of a carrycot, I was impressed by how light and smooth it was to push. The smaller Hybrid City Stroller wheels and (relatively) narrow wheelbase were brilliant for whizzing around the shops, while the Hybrid Edge wheels were more robust for rougher terrain such as lakeside walks.

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How tiny does M look, here?!

The Hybrid Stroller quickly became a favoured pushchair for me (and that’s saying something; we currently have no less than five pushchairs in our home!) as it folds easily and took up less space in our boot than the pram we originally bought for M, the Uppababy Vista (I still love the Vista for a number of other reasons, but there’s no denying that it’s bigger than the average pram).

The Hybrid Stroller also has a good-size basket and thoughtful features such as an adjustable, cushioned handlebar. The car seat style, five point harness is easy to adjust, and saves faffing with buckles to create a secure and comfortable fit for both babies and toddlers.

The Hybrid Tandem Stroller – Benefits and Limitations

Once B came along, I was excited to turn the Hybrid Edge Stroller into the Hybrid Tandem Stroller, which is done simply by switching the rear axle of the stroller. The Tandem axle can be purchased separately from BabyStyle for £50, making the Hybrid Stroller an affordable option for an expanding family. 

We used the existing seat unit of the Hybrid Stroller for M, then added a carrycot for B when she was born. Like the axle, carrycots can be purchased separately from BabyStyle for £149. But if you’d been using your Hybrid Stroller from birth for your first child, you’d already have this anyway, so it’s simply a matter of purchasing the Tandem axle to be able to double up. 

Hybrid Tandem Stroller

While I still really like the Hybrid Tandem Stroller, there are a couple of limitations to it that I feel are important to mention. First is the loss of the basket. Unfortunately, the carrycot sits in the basket itself, which means there’s no room for anything else. We overcame this issue by purchasing some handlebar hooks from Boots for just a few pounds, which meant that we had somewhere to put our shopping, but obviously it’s not ideal to hang too much from the handlebar.

Unfortunately this issue isn’t resolved when moving from a carrycot to a second toddler seat unit, as the feet are still in the basket. I could probably fit a few bits and pieces in there, but not much more than a water bottle and a snack.

Hybrid Tandem Stroller with two toddler seats

Losing the basket does mean, though, that the Hybrid Stroller retains its compact, lightweight profile even when being used as a double pushchair. We took the Hybrid Tandem to our local Roarrr Dinosaur Adventure park recently, which has a very hilly dinosaur walk, and it made for an easy push, even with a growing baby and toddler loaded into it!

The second limitation for me is that the Hybrid Stroller doesn’t have an option to add a buggy board. M really enjoys using the buggy board on our Oyster 3, so it would be nice for her to have the option of using one with the Hybrid Tandem Stroller. That way, she could walk or use the buggy board, then move into the second seat when she gets tired. I think this would be a luxury option more than an essential, though. 

M in the second seat of the Hybrid Tandem Stroller

Before B was born, I wasn’t sure how much use we’d get out of the second seat, as M was rapidly becoming a keen walker. But with two under two, a double pram was a must, really. Even now, nine months on and with M being two and a half, she still gets tired and needs to go in the pram if we’re out in the afternoon. We could put B into a sling or carrier and put M into B’s seat on a single pram, but I (and my back!) enjoy the option of having a seat unit for each of the girls.

Hybrid Stroller: Summary

I’ve been really impressed with the Hybrid Stroller and it’s certainly worked for us as our family has grown from one child to two. It’s easy to push, narrow enough to fit through small spaces, particularly when shopping, and is simple to convert from a single to a double. 

Verdict: A good, compact option for future-proofing if you’re expecting your first child.

Hybrid Tandem Stroller Review

Disclosure: We were sent the Hybrid Stroller free of charge in order to provide this review. However, all opinions are my own.

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