Just stop thinking about it!

September 23, 2015

I saw my lovely pregnant friend last week. We hadn’t seen each other for a couple of months so it was great to catch up and see how her bump has grown! Naturally, our conversation was mostly baby centred, and I’ve spent the last few days reflecting on some of the things that we talked about. Particularly my reasons for starting this blog.

You see, primarily it was about trying to get me to stop thinking (or at least talking) about conception all the time. I seem to hear all the time about how important it is to relax and just let it happen, and that stress can hinder conception, so it’s best to not think about it too much.

You’ve probably gathered already that I’m not the most easy-going, relaxed personality type. I’ve recently taken a step back from a stressful career and I’m looking to work part time instead. This is more for my own personal well-being rather than in an effort to conceive, but I’m sure it won’t do anything to hinder our efforts.

Anyway, lovely pregnant friend and I were chatting about how you hear all these stories about couples who have had difficulty conceiving, then claim that they ‘just stopped thinking about¬† it’ and boom, just like that, they fell pregnant! Well that’s lovely for them, but it doesn’t help little old me over here, who after reading said stories feels guilty about thinking about it all so much, which leads to my thoughts spiralling into thinking that I’m actually preventing myself from conceiving merely with my thoughts.

Thankfully, lovely pregnant friend dragged me firmly back down to earth by sharing her opinion that the whole ‘just forget about it’ thing is a load of nonsense. “How can you just forget about something so massive and life-changing as bringing a child into the world?” she said.

And just like that, I felt better. And I’ll carry on thinking about it as much as I like, and hopefully this blog will help me not to worry about thinking about it all the time! Thanks, lovely pregnant friend x

Just stop thinking about it

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